1. The purpose of establishment of Mini Theatre is for students to learn culture and civilization from viewing film.
  2. To apply for the use of the Mini Theatre, please send an application email to cytcollege@umac.mo with your approved project, your name, student ID, time and reason of usage, proof of the reason (if any) at least three working day before the scheduled date of usage.
  3. No individual use is allowed.
  4. In CYTC, only approved projects of the following CYTC units can apply to use the theater for educational purpose; HA may apply to use it for College promotion with Master approval.
    1. CYTC College;
    2. CYTC Cinema Committee ;
    3. *HA;
    4. Floor groups of RT/RA;
    5. Interest group
    6. Library Committee
      *HA may apply to use it for College promotion with Master approval.
  5. For UM units outside CYTC, CYTC only accepts application for film showing related to teaching of a credit-bearing course and it should be filed by the teacher who teaches the course, and is subject to the approval of CYTC.
  6. For CYTC units and UM units outside CYTC, they have to pay the operating fee of the technician intern and cleaning fee. Intern budget, description of the movie and the name of the discussant must be included in the approved UM proposal.
  7. Upon approval by CYTC, students may approach the security guard at W23 main entrance and leave the student ID at the Security Counter shortly before the scheduled time of usage.
  8. The equipment can only be operated by Office staff or intern.
  9. In order to keep the venue clean and tidy, eating and drinking should be prohibited.
  10. After usage, please switch off all electronic appliances, lights, clean up, resume to the original state of the room, sign out and collect the student ID at the Security Counter.
  11. Please take good care of all the furniture and equipment. Compensation at original price must be paid for any personal damage. The repairing fee, cleaning fee (if applicable) shall be borne by the users.