Cheng Yu Tung College (CYTC) was founded in August 2013. It is named after the donor Dr. Cheng Yu Tung. The founding College Master is Professor Chung Ling. At that time, University of Macau had only one residential college’s building, S9, completed on Hengqin campus. Cheng Yu Tung College and Moon Chun Memorial College, each of which took in about 120 freshmen, temporarily lived in the S9 for one year. In July 2014, Cheng Yu Tung College moved to her permanent site, W23 building. In each academic year, the College housed around 500 students. The College is holding over 200 educational projects yearly. On December 20, 2014, President Xi Jinping of China visited the College and joined the discussion with our students on Chinese culture. Cheng Yu Tung College aims at reaching a state of rich cultural ambience, the warmth of humanity, and noble aspiration.

Early History of Cheng Yu Tung College (2013-2015)

The Masters

College Anthem