Vision of Cheng Yu Tung College

Cheng Yu Tung College will devote herself to establishing and developing a community with rich cultural refinement, the love of humanity, and noble aspiration. Her students will learn generosity of spirit, tolerance of others, and cultural refinement through their life experiences, college activities, and interactions with others; and become cultivated and farsighted future leaders.

Mission of Cheng Yu Tung College

The mission of Cheng Yu Tung College is to develop character cultivation of our students. To achieve the mission, the College will fully utilize her completed hardware and facilities, and engage all staff’s great passion and dedication; so that the College can

  • bring about students physical and mental health; they not only gain progress in academic studies, but also become luminescent spots and shining in College activities;
  • make students to realize their potentials in all aspects;
  • develop students for their seven competencies: responsible citizenship, global competitiveness, knowledge integration, teamwork and collaboration, service and leadership, cultural engagement and healthy lifestyle;
  • cultivate in our students noble aspiration, the love of humanity and rich cultural refinement.
College Motto: Aspiration, Love, Refinement

CYTC aims at reaching a state of rich cultural ambience, the warmth of humanity, and intellectual brilliance.