1. Only those who are sign a “Fitness Room User Undertaking Form” prior to the use of the fitness equipment are allowed to use the fitness room. The “Fitness Room User Undertaking Form” is posted on the notice board inside the fitness room.
  2. Clean all machines and benches after using.
  3. Workout attire must be worn to use the Fitness Room. Recommended attire includes T-shirts, sport trousers and sports shoes. Weight gloves are recommended when using free weights. Open-toed shoes, high heels, jeans, leisure pants, sandals, slacks, blouse, and dresses, etc. are strictly prohibited.
  4. Users should be courteous to others by limiting the length of their workout at a single station, and by following posted time limits when others are waiting.
  5. If weights, pulleys or other parts are jammed, users should not attempt to free them without the staff-on-duty’s assistance. Report the problem to the staff-on-duty.
  6. Users should always inspect the equipment for loose, frayed or worn parts before using. If in doubt, do not use the equipment and report the problem to the staff-on-duty.
  7. To reduce the chance of injury, users should keep head and limbs clear of weights and moving parts of equipment at all times.
  8. All equipment is to be returned to appropriate storage locations after use.
  9. Equipment is to remain at its appropriate location. Benches or equipment may not be moved from area to area without permission of staff-on-duty.
  10. Weights are not to be propped against the walls, pillars, or mirrors due to the risk of damage or injury.
  11. Personal belongings may not be left or stored in activity areas.
  12. Participants shall use extreme caution in using equipment and weights to avoid potential injury to themselves or others.
  13. Utilization of collars in free weight lifting is recommended.
  14. All concerns and maintenance needs should be informed to the staff-on-duty.
  15. There is a 30-minute limit per individual for using cardiovascular equipment when others are waiting.
  16. Foods & drinks are not allowed. Water bottles may be used only if they are made of a non-breakable material and contain water only.
  17. The Fitness Room is not continuously supervised. Please exercise at your own risk.