From May 21st to 27th, 2018, 10 selected students of Cheng Yu Tung College (CYTC) led by Resident Fellow Ms. Diane Lu, have completed the 7-day exchange program to Yuanpei College of Peking University. This is the third year that two colleges conducting such exchange programs. In addition to expand students’ global perspectives and interpersonal relationships, the main purpose of this exchange program is cross-cultural learning. The theme of this year program is to understand the history and culture of Beijing. Yuanpei College invited Prof. Zhang Jian Wei, an expert of Beijing’s historical geography and cultural geography, to give 2 talks on the development of old Beijing water system and the setting of the city central axis. Then CYTC students visited quite a few historical sites as mentioned from the talks and got accompanied by Yuanpei College students. These included Beihai Park, Summer Palace, Imperial Palace Wall Relics Park, Temple of Heaven (an Imperial Sacrificial Altar in Beijing), Five-Pagoda Temple and Shicha Lake. All participants learned a lot from the talks and field trips.

As part of the exchange programs, CYTC students have audited several classes offered by Peking University, including “Introduction to Seismology”, “Political Economics”, “Ancient Rank System of China”, “Eastern Civilization” and so on. Two college students presented what they have learned and experienced in the closing meeting on the 26th afternoon. They really appreciated this opportunity to make new friends and got the chance to know more about Beijing and Peking University.

Students of Yuanpei College will pay a return visit to the University of Macau from September 2nd to 8th. During their visit, Cheng Yu Tung College will arrange a series of seminars, film appreciation and field trips that portrait the Eastern and Western culture in Macau.