Cheng Yu Tung College (CYTC) aims to nurture students not only in College life learning, but also provides opportunities on internship program during summer recess. CYTC collaborates with Chow Tai Fook Jewelry Group Limited (CTF), the company under CYTC’s donor, to conduct the internship program for CYTC students since 2015. This year was the 5th year and the internship program last for 6 weeks. The eight residents Chen Xueting, Hou Jieyu, Liang Yilin, Liu Huanyi, Wang Lan, Yang Qichen, Zhang Mengfei, Zhang Tianhe were interviewed and successfully selected by CYTC academics and HR colleagues from CTF. The internship period was from May 20 to June 30, 2019.

To carry out this internship program effectively and have a better understanding of CTF, 8 interns visited jewelry factory in Shun De on May 20 and then they were assigned to different Project Management Teams. After 6 weeks of internship, they were trained well and almost like a regular staff of CTF. College Fellow Ms. Diane Lu went to the conclusion report meeting with CTF supervisors, listening to the reports and reflection from CYTC interns on June 26. Our students gave a thorough project report and they said they learnt how to be attentive on every detail, how to communicate with internal divisions and external working partners, and how to facilitate a morning sharing, etc. The Deputy General Manager of CTF Executive Office, Ms. Rainbow Yuan highly praised and appreciated the hardworking attitude and the creativity that CYTC interns had. She also mentioned this year is the 90th anniversary of CTF. CTF is a renowned, old brand but also dares to embrace some new changes. “To take more social responsibility and cultivate the young generation, CTF feels obligated and happy to share our vision and do more for CYTC interns”, said by Ms. Yuan. All the division heads also had comments on their work and gave them some useful suggestions for life during the lunch meeting.

CYTC thanked CTF about the internship arrangement and their warm care of CYTC interns, being like brothers and sisters to them. The internship program became more thorough and mature than before. We definitely look forward to the internship program next year.