To participate in the Exchange program of Yuanpei College, Peking University / Cheng Yu Tung College, UM, Associate Master Dr. Lee Wee Keng took ten students to visit Peking University in May 2017. From Aug.31 to Sep.7, a delegation of 3 teachers and 9 students from Peking University stayed in CYTC for exchange. The program in Macau focused on studying “Cultural Interflow of China and the West”. Five cultural activities were held: a lecture by Professor Meifang Zhang of English Department, UM on “Translating Film Names in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong”; a lecture by Dr. Ieng Weng Fat on “The Cultural Convergence of China and the West on the Architecture of Ruins of Saint Paul’s”; Dr. Wang Ying, Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences, UM on “Chinese Medicine in the West: Nobel Prize Winner Tu Youyou”. An analysis on Ang Lee’s film” The Wedding Banquet” conducted by Master Chung Ling, and a forum by CYTC students on historical sites in Macau. The next two days after the Forum, CYTC students took Peking University delegation to the historical sites for field trips. A Peking University student said “After thorough study of their artistic aspects, it is very impressive to see the real thing.”

This exchange program focuses on both cultural study and the cultivation of artistic talents. When the students are selected, the criteria are their artistic talents. In the evening of September 5th, a “Presentation of Artistic Talents by Students of Peking University and CYTC” were held in CYTC, and Chairman Peter Lam and Rector Wei Zhao were among the guests. Two Colleges provided ten items. Peking University students were indeed versatile, because only nine of them presented five different items such as comic dance, poetry recital, sign language to match a song, etc. CYTC presented songs by Valley Belly Band, a dance group show, songs sung by winners of CYTC singing contest and others, while many of the CYTC performers were participants of this exchange program. The climax was a joint performance of Rumba dance by a Peking University boy and a CYTC girl. We also held a Ukulele workshop taught by a CYTC student Kwok Ka Hou. Resident Fellow Diane Lu held two workshops “Montage by Tearing Paper”. Each student will do an art of montage on a memorable scene in the city he/she visited. In the sharing workshop, which was held the day before Peking students’ departure, there were many moments of moving memories.

Dr. Ieng Weng Fat’s lecture on “The Cultural Convergence of China and the West on the Architecture of the Ruins of Saint Paul’s”

Professor Zhang Meifang’s Lecture on “Translating Film Names in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong”

In the talent performance, Chairman Lam and Rector Zhao are among the guests

Performance by CYTC’s Valley Belly Band (2 of the members joined the exchange program)

Peking University students performed dance

CYTC group dance (3 of the performers joined the exchange program)

Wang Qian of Peking University and Yang Yuchen of CYTC jointly performed Rumba

Field trip on the architecture of the Ruins of St. Paul’s