To promote the reading culture and encourage young people to deepen their understanding of Macao literature and learn more about Macao, the Lions Club Macao Central, the Macao Library and Information Management Association, and the Young Club from Lions Club Macao Central jointly organized the “Macao Literature Review Contest”.

To facilitate students writing, the organizer provided a reading list including 500 Macao native literature works. The 500 works are diverse in theme and rich in content, with a variety of poems, novels, essays, and plays with unique Macao characteristics, fully reflecting the diversity and inclusiveness of Macao literature and its profound cultural heritage. It can be said that just reading through this 11-page book list is enough to increase knowledge and stimulate interest in reading.
On June 16, 2023, the result of the competition was officially announced. The University of Macau has six students on the winning List, the highest number of winners in the tertiary group of Macao universities. Among them, UM students Dai Ziyi and Leung Wai Leng won second and third place respectively, and Cheng Hongzhen, Kong Kaiying, Ao Wai Leng, and Ma Hainuo won the merit award. Among the six winners, Dai Ziyi, Kong Kaiying, and Ma Hainuo are all from Cheng Yu Tung College. On June 24, the award ceremony was held at the MGM banquet, and the winners received the awards. The second prize winner Dai Ziyi said, “I have learned a great deal about Macao literature through this competition. As a Macao youth who loves literature, I feel very proud of the prosperous Macau literature.”

Macao literature is rooted in the century-old cultural history of Macao, and it will be reflected in the reality of the development of Macao. In this competition, students from different age groups competed and actively participated, which fully demonstrated the youthful vigor and vitality of Macao literature. By immersing in the culture and customs of Macao, these students will become the successors and promoters of Macao literature among the young generation.