Cheng Yu Tung College (CYTC) summer internship in Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Company (CTF) started from 1/7/2015 to 31/7/2015. After the interview held from 6/5/2015 to 8/5/2015, Yin Shuo, Yang ZhiRui and Xu YangYang were appointed from 13 interviewees from CYTC students. The basic information of the three students is shown in the following:

Name Major of study Year Work experience or current contribution to the Cheng Yu Tung College
Yin Shuo Accounting 2 Student Assistant for a Professor of his department
Yang ZhiRui Global Business Management 2

Member of Cheng Yu Tung College House AssociationMember of food committee of CYTC

PR Team of CYTC

Xu YangYang Communication 2

PR Ambassador of University of Macau”Macau Closer” and Macao Literature Festival Internship

Student intern of CYTC

Reception of High Table Dinner in CYTC



Figure 1: Photo of three interns (Right to left: Yang ZhiRui , Xu Yang Yang , Yin Shuo )


To carry out this internship program effectively and have a better communication between CYTC and CTF, the Associate Master Dr. Zhen Yong, the Resident Fellow Dr. Tang Yuming and the three abovementioned interns of CYTC visited the headquarters of CTF in ShenZhen on 29/6/2015.  Thanks for the effort paid by the staff of CTF, a preliminary consensus of future development of internship between CYTC and CTF were come out.

Teachers and students of CYTC visited the Chow Tai Fook Jewellery cultural center in Shunde and the jewellery processing factory on 30/6/2015. There were so many remarkable moments of this visit worth to share. After travelling the “’Time Tunnel of CTF”, the development of CTF into a brand with international perspective and innovative thinking in the 85 years of evolution was shown, which fascinated CYTC teachers and students. It was also found that the photo of Mr. Cheng Yu Tung College gave donation to CYTC in 2010. It is appreciated that the donation to CYTC can be a part of the important historical event of CTF. The college teachers and students visited the jewellery processing factory. The labor of jewelry processing used some simple tools to make beautiful pattern on jewellery. Not only traditional processing techniques were used in CTF, innovative technology such as 3D printing, laser cutting, etc but also were used to increase the productivity.



Figure 2: Mr. Cheng Yu Tung donated 30 million to Cheng Yu Tung College in 2010



Figure 3: Photo of visiting Chow Tai Fook jewelry processing factory


After the visit, the opening ceremony for the summer internship was held on 1 / 7 / 2015. First, the assistant manager of executive office Ms. Zhang Dai Hong gave an introduction of the quality control, innovative thinking, services and future prospects of CTF, hence giving a brief understanding of the framework of CTF to the interns. After that the corresponding supervisors of three interns explained the job nature and the daily operation of their corresponding departments. For instance, the interns needed to understand the working process in their branch and to have knowledge of crisis management.  Finally, the Associate Master Dr. Zhen thanked CTF about the arrangement of the day visit and their care of CYTC interns which like brothers and sisters to them. It is hoped that Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Co., Ltd. and Cheng Yu-tung ‘s College can have more cooperation in the near future.


Figure 4: CYTC teachers and students discussed with the senior staff in CTF



Figure 5: Associate Master of CYTC Dr. Zhen Yong (right) presented a souvenir to the Deputy General Manager of CTF Executive Office Rainbow Yuan (left).