A delegation of students and faculty from Yuanpei College of Peking University visited Cheng Yu Tung College (CYTC) of the University of Macau (UM). Members of the two colleges participated in a series of exchange activities under the theme of ‘A Historical and Cultural Journey to Macao’, including lectures, visits, and workshops. The activities aimed to promote exchanges and mutual understanding between members of both parties, enhance academic exchanges, and improve their understanding of Macao’s history and culture.

The delegation was led by Sun Feiyu, vice dean of Yuanpei College, and Liu Rui, a representative from the Office of Academic Affairs of the college. The delegation expressed their gratitude to CYTC for its warm reception and arrangement. They also expressed hope that the exchange programme could deepen the friendship and cooperation between the two colleges and create more opportunities for academic exchanges for the students to pursue excellence and innovation together.

Led by UM members, the delegation visited the UM campus and learned about the university’s history and achievements in science and teaching. Members of the two colleges also shared and exchanged views on their respective special courses, college operations, and community activities, which increased their academic enthusiasm and sparked their innovative thinking. In addition, CYTC also arranged a string of exchange activities, including academic lectures, visits to famous scenic spots in Macao, as well as workshops on Macanese cuisine, Portuguese azulejos, coffee, and so on. These interesting activities gave the students of both colleges an opportunity to explore Macao’s unique cultural charm, enhance friendship, and promote mutual growth.

Wong Seng Fat, interim college master of CYTC, said that the exchange programme, which offered students more opportunities for academic development and an international exchange platform, was an important step in deepening cooperation between the two colleges. He also expressed hope that the exchange programme would enable students to inspire each other and grow together, thereby contributing to the development of the two colleges.

UM’s CYTC and Peking University’s Yuanpei College have been organising student exchange activities since 2015. The aforementioned activities are part of Yuanpei College’s return visit to CYTC, which aimed to give the members of Yuanpei College a deeper understanding of UM and Macao.