From November 1 to 5, 2017, Master Chung Ling led students and staff of Cheng Yu Tung College (CYTC) to visit Korea University (KU) in Seoul. They participated a series of lectures about Chinese and Korean history and culture, a student forum of both universities and cultural field trips. The delegation was led by College Master Prof. Chung Ling, with College Fellow Miss Diane Lu, Functional Head Mr. Simon Lok and 18 selected students of CYTC.
The delegation participated in a forum co-organized by Institute of Korean Studies and CORE-Initiative for College Humanities’ Research and Education under the theme “Peace and Coexistence in East Asia”. It included two lectures about Chinese and Korean history, culture and literature, a student forum with a total of 29 students from both universities, a field trip to Changdeokgung Palace Complex, etc. One of the lectures “The Reception and Transformation of Chinese Culture” was given by Prof. Kim In-Jong, while the other “Different but in Harmony” was by Prof. Wang Fei-Yang. In addition, students of two universities jointly performed by the end of the forum. Students of Korea University presented traditional “nongak” while CYTC students performed modern dance and singing which brought the cultural exchange to the climax. In addition, CYTC delegation visited the National Museum of Korea. Not only they gained knowledge regarding the history and traditional culture of Korea, but also they learnt the “Han” culture in Korea as well as how the traditional Chinese culture influenced the Korean culture.
Students had deep and fulfilling communication in the student forum. Some KU students spoke Mandarin well and some spoke English very well. Two universities students were creative and quite insightful. They had some innovative ideas to keep East Asia in peace, such as one visa to all East Asia countries and create a new language for all East Asia countries. Students of two universities discussed lots of issues, not only focusing on the relationship between China and Korea, but also on China and America, North Korea and South Korea, China-Japan-Korea. They had a better understanding with each other and built up a close relationship hereafter. It was definitely a fulfilling learning trip to all.