10 students visited UM led by the Fellow of Freshmen College, Ms. Jessie Yang, staying in CYTC, participating in various programs related to the theme of “Cuisine Culture in Macau”. CYTC arranged 2 lectures, a visit of the store of Lee Kum Kee in Macau and 2 Portuguese Dim Sum Workshops. Special thanks shall be given to Ms. Yvonne Yu, founder of Silly Nano magazine, with 7 representatives from the Macau cuisine industry to hold two lectures. The speakers introduced the difference between the operations of traditional media and new media. Therefore, students understood the role and the importance of the media among Macau Cuisine Culture. Another lecture was to discuss “the past, present and future of Macau Cuisine”. The speaker talked about the traditional Macau cuisine from the past family-style business. After experiencing the great economic growth of Macau, this traditional family-style cuisine slowly disappeared from the city. This lecture inspired students to pay extra attention to the traditional old stores in Macau.

Besides, a visit of the store of Lee Kum Kee was held successfully. The experienced staff Uncle Wei who served Lee Kum Kee for more than 70 years introduced the history of Lee Kum Kee for us:  The founder the Lee Kum Kee company Mr. Lee Kum Sheung, a chef at a small eatery that sold cooked oysters, who invented oyster sauce and built oyster sauce factory in Nanshui, Zhuhai, Guangdong.

Due to a fire in 1902 burned the factory, Lee Kum Kee was relocated to Macau. Uncle Wei said that there were also 12 oyster-sauce factories in the same period in Macau. Thanks to Mr. Lee Shiu Nan, the second generation of the Lee Family, carries on the work of improving production procedures and quality assurance among Lee Kum Kee’s many products with modern fabrication. Mr. Lee Shiu Nan combined tradition and innovation 100 years ago, which not only made the oyster sauce and shrimp paste stand out in the Macau market, but also made the brand sell well in Macau and overseas markets.

Furthermore, 10 CYTC students participated in the exchange activities with the theme “Taiwanese opera” from December 20th to 26th. The activities included Taiwanese Opera workshop – Introduction and Experience of Taiwanese Opera, films discussion of “Taiwanese Opera”, Lectures about the innovation and the future of Taiwanese Opera and so on. Students have deep discussions and reflections on the inheritance and innovation of traditional culture.


Photos of the visit of the store of Lee Kum Kee in Macau

Photos of the Macau Cuisine lecture and the group photo afterward

A group photo of 10 CYTC students in Freshmen College of Taiwan Chengchi University

Photos of students from both universities participated in the workshops of “ Taiwanese Opera” and “Traditional Drum Dance”