Founding Master of Cheng Yu Tung College

M.A. and Ph.D., Comparative Literature Department, University of Wisconsin, Madison; taught in State University of New York at Albany, Hong Kong University, Sun Yat-sen University (Taiwan, China), and Hong Kong Baptist University as Chair Professor, Dean of the Arts Faculty and Associate Vice President. Books of research include “American Poetry and Chinese Dream: Chinese Cultural Modes in Modern American Verse” (Taipei: Rye Field Publishing Co.), “Chinese Zen and American Literature” (Beijing: Capital Normal University Press), etc. Also a renowned fiction writer and poet, published books include poetry collection “Fog is Climbing Mountains” (Honk Kong: Infolink Publishing Limited), short story collection “Eye of Heaven and Red Dust” (Beijing: People’s Literature Publishing House)

        Cheng Yu Tung College emphasizes the cultivation of each student’s character as its ultimate goal. Character education is mostly neglected in higher education around the world today and needs to be strengthened. Universities invest a large portion of their resources in academic research in order to attain the status of “research universities” and be more competitive in world rankings.  Therefore, the cultivation of students’ character is often ignored. Due to the pressure to publish academic papers in top journals and to compete for research funding, many academics do not spend enough time and energy on mentoring undergraduate students. As a result, teacher-student relationship is distanced and students cannot receive “a character education by example” through the close contact with their teachers. But in Cheng Yu Tung College, all staff and teachers will devote themselves to educating her students. The College will be like a big and warm family; and focus on developing each student’s character by offering a well-planned and detailed educational program.  It is designed that during the four years at the College the students will grow up well, teaching them how to get along with others and loving knowledge, mentoring them to be considerate and caring for other people; so that they could become cultivated, and farsighted future leaders. Cheng Yu Tung College will aim at reaching a state of rich cultural ambience, the warmth of humanity, and intellectual brilliance.

        During their four years living in Cheng Yu Tung College, students will receive full supervision, coaching and mentoring from the College Master, the Associate Master, the Residential Fellows, Non-Resident Fellows, and the Residential Tutors and Assistants. By participating in well-designed activities, students will gain noble aspirations, the love of humanity, and cultural refinement. When they graduate, their character will be very different from the four years ago. They will become the pillars of the society, more mature, responsible, aspiring, caring and good at communicating and organization. The education of the whole person, as espoused by the University, will thus be crystalized in students who graduate from Cheng Yu Tung College.

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Professor Chung Ling