Exchange Program with Yuanpei College of Peking University (Since 2015)

Exchange Program with Yuanpei College of Peking University (Since 2015)2020-10-20T11:55:48+08:00

To enrich the student’s collegiate life and broaden one’s horizons, Memorandum of Understanding on a Program of Exchange Students between Cheng Yu-Tung College and Yuanpei College of Peking University was signed in November, 2015, which meant from the academic year of 2015/16 on, CYTC and Yuanpei College start to send 10 students to each other. The students stay in the host college for 7 nights and 8 days. We believe students will be benefited through learning different cultures and collegiate experiences.

CYTC Master Prof. Chung Ling and CYTC students visited Yuanpei College in May 2016

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