Cheng Yu Tung College successfully held the College Activity “My Remarkable Summer Holiday Sharing” on September 2, 2015. In order to enhance students’ knowledge and attitude of global perspectives, cultural engagement, and interpersonal skills, CYTC totally subsidized 48 students to participate in summer programs. The College invited 6 students to share their stories and life with freshmen and others. All audience enjoyed this 2 hour sharing and had a fruitful evening.

Those 6 upper-class students attended internship program in Chow Tai Fook Jewelry Company Limited, at its headquarter at Shen Chun, summer programs in NTU, Singapore, University of British Columbia in Canada, Unibersidade Catholique de Lille and ESCE in France and Cambridge Summer Program in UK. Chow Tai Fook Jewelry Company Limited is one of the enterprises of Mr. Cheng Yu-Tung and CYTC was pleased to recruit 3 students to work in the Chow Tai Fook. One intern student Yin Shou mentioned he was treated like a formal staff and was well trained by Chow Tai Fook during his one month internship. He learned how the enterprise ran a project and how to do the marketing by adequate phrasing and pictures. It was not an easy task for being an intern and it truly made him understand the work life and the society more. The other student Miao San-Feng talked about her stories of traveling alone and received so much help from local people in France. One stranger even carried her luggage and assisted her to look for the accommodation for nearly 2 hours by walking. He showed a pure, selfless compassion and concern. She was grateful to meet so many kind people in Europe. She was alone but not lonely at all.

UM summer recess had almost 100 days this year which equaled the length of one semester. It was a golden time for students to explore the outside world. CYTC subsidized student programs based on their contribution and involvement in the College life. Through the sharing we could see the student speakers’ growth and it also inspired all the audience and set up a good model for the freshmen to encourage them to pursue their university dreams without fear.