10 selected students from Cheng Yu Tung College, have completed 8 days short-term exchange program to Yuan Pei College of Peking University, from May 21st to 28th. This is the second year the two colleges conducting such exchange program. In addition to expanding students’ global perspective and interpersonal relationships, the main purpose of this exchange program is cross-cultural learning. The theme of this year program is Beijing Hutong culture. Yuan Pei College has invited Dr. Zhao Huanxi, an expert of Beijing’s historical geography and cultural geography, to give a talk on the work of the protection of the old city of Beijing. To enhance the understanding of hutong culture, students of Cheng Yu Tung College has visited several hutongs in Beijing, accompanied by Yuan Pei College students. These include the old embassy district Dongjiaomin Xiang, the historical Nanluogu Xiang, the old shop district Dashilan and Liulichang Antique Street.


As part of the exchange programs, students of Cheng Yu Tung College have also auditing several classes offered by Peking University, including “Radio and Television Studies”, “Film and Television Theory and Criticism”, “Journey to the West” and “Introduction to Database”.


Students of Yuan Pei College will pay a return visit to the University of Macau from August 31st to September 7th. During their visit, Cheng Yu Tung College will arrange a series of seminars, film appreciation and field trips that portrait the Eastern and Western culture in Macau. Students of two colleges will held a Joint Talent Show on September 5 at 7:30 pm in the Student Activity Center Performance Hall (E31-G001). All are welcome.













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Lecture on the protection of Beijing’s old city


















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Beijing Bell Tower