Cheng Yu Tung College successfully held the second High Table Dinner in this academic year at the evening of April 21, 2021. The distinguished guest speaker of the High Table Dinner was Dean of Honors College, Prof. Lai Neng, Rose. Other High Table guests included, spouse of Prof. Wong, Ms. Cheong Pui Cheng; Dean of FBA, Prof. Chen Jinghan, Jean; Dean of FHS, Prof. Deng Chuxia; Interim Director of ICMS, Prof. Chen Xin. In addition, there were some guests sitting among college residents, College Affiliate, Associate Professor in Decision Sciences, FBA, Prof. Fu Qi; College Affiliate, Assistant Professor in Decision Sciences, FBA, Dr. So Man Shing, Simon; College Affiliate, Assistant Professor in Accounting, FBA, Dr. Chen Can, Monica.

The distinguished guest speaker, Prof. Rose Lai gave a speech about “The Pandemic and the Fourth Industrial Revolution -Your Opportunities and Preparation”. Nearly 3 million died from Covid-19 and it certainly changed the world and people’s life. The 4th industrial revolution will be more about technology and creativity. Prof. Lai encouraged the audience to be more resilient, be ever-curious, and be an imperfectionist with high tolerance for ambiguity, etc. And most important of all, she highlighted the importance of being healthy and happy for that well-being and high performance can coexist. More than 150 college members and guests of Cheng Yu Tung College attended the High Table Dinner and certainly enjoyed the speech and dinner.