Cheng Yu Tung College successfully held the first High Table Dinner in this academic year at the evening of March 17, 2021. The distinguished guest speaker of the High Table Dinner was Vice Rector of Student Affairs, Prof. Billy So. Other High Table guests included, Director of the Education and Youth Development Bureau of Macau, Mr. Lou Pak Sang; Interim Dean of Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Prof. Xu Jie; Dean of Faculty of Education, Prof. Wang Chuang; Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences, Prof. Hu Weixing. In addition, we also had some guests sitting among students, including College Affiliates of CYTC, Prof. Tu Guangjian (Faculty of Law), Prof. Lu Chia-Wen (Faculty of Social Science), Dr. Chan Wing Han (Faculty of Business Administration), Dr. Teresa Chu (Faculty of Business Administration), Dr. Kraivin Chintakananda (Faculty of Business Administration) and Dr. Xu Yuhang (Faculty of Arts and Humanities).

In the welcoming remarks, College Interim Master, Prof. Alfred Wong mentioned due to Covid-19, it had been a year and half since the previous High Table Dinner. And now we shall acknowledge all the efforts that Macau government and citizens made and also think of what we could pay it forward in the future. The distinguished guest speaker, Prof. Billy So gave a speech about “To Think Big, To Think of Others, and To Uphold Civility”, echoing the motto of CYTC, Prof. So shared his own experience as a college student. He talked about how he learned to study, to serve, and to do music for the happiness of others, and be rewarded lavishly in academic pursuit, leadership, self-confidence, and cultural enrichment. Prof. So concluded with the song “To Dream the Impossible Dream” to give blessings to the participants and encouraged college students to pursue a memorable and transformative university experience.

CYTC took this opportunity to present the awards to the recipients of College Foundation Scholarship. The scholarship was to honor CYTC students who were highly engaged in College life and who had outstanding performances and contribution in College. CYTC was delighted to have Director Lou to give awards to those 26 recipients. More than 150 college members and guests of Cheng Yu Tung College attended the High Table Dinner and certainly enjoyed the speech and dinner.