On the evening of April 19, 2023, Cheng Yu Tung College (CYTC) successfully organized its first High Table Dinner in honor of its tenth anniversary. The distinguished guest speaker of the High Table Dinner was the Chief of Higher Education Exchange and Cooperation Division of the Education and Youth Development Bureau, Mr. Fong Ka Kin. Other guests included the vice principal of Yuet Wah College, Ms. Kong Kong Hang; the Vice Rector (Student Affairs) of UM, Prof. Mok Kai Meng; Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST), Prof. Xu Cheng-Zhong; University Registrar, Prof. Lam Long Wai (Rico); Director of Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering (IAPME), Prof. Tang Zikang; Interim Dean of Graduate School, Prof. Wong Pak Kin; and Dean of Students, Mr. Pang Chap Chong (Paul). In addition, we also had some guests sitting among students, including one teacher and two students from Yuet Wah College, the spouse of the College Master and eight College Affiliates of CYTC.

Prof. Alfred Wong, the Interim College Master of CYTC, noted a number of events that have been held or will be held to commemorate the College’s tenth anniversary in his opening remarks. The phrase “Elegance is embedded in its residents for a lifetime” was used by Prof. Wong to bestow blessings on all of the students. A speech entitled “Some Meaningful Stories in My Career” was delivered by the distinguished guest speaker Mr. Fong Ka Kin. Mr. Fong shared his experiences in studying, collaborating with others, and getting along with people from other cultures and international visitors. The High Table Dinner was attended by more than 260 college students and visitors from CYTC, who undoubtedly appreciated the speech and the meal.