A Few Words from College Master

Welcome to join the big family of Cheng Yu Tung College (CYTC)!

Life in the residential college is more than just a dormitory. Here you can meet your best friend in your life, or even your business partner in the future. There are a variety of interesting and academic activities, allowing you to experience diversified knowledge and whole-person education in addition to the knowledge of your own profession.

Here you can better understand the development of society, the trend in Macau, the sensibilities of good citizenship committed to motherland, and the vision of the world. The College Master, Associate Master, Resident Fellows, administrative staff, House Association, as well as your Resident Tutors and Resident Assistants hope to bring warm and unforgettable memories to your college life. After you graduated, I hope you will come back to CYTC often, because this is your second home in life.

Prof. Wong Seng Fat (Alfred)
Interim College Master

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