1. Each CYTC student is allowed to bring a maximum of two visitors to W23 at a time from 09:00 to 22:00 (Visitor includes: parents, friends and relatives, students who are not a CYTC member, etc.). Those who want to bring more than two visitors to W23 at a time can apply to CYTC General Office through email (cytcollege@um.edu.mo) and obtain approval in prior
  2. The CYTC student should ensure his/her visitor(s) register at the W23 Security Counter upon entering and leaving W23. The CYTC student has to put down the student card or room key card in the W23 Security Counter upon register. It will be returned to the CYTC student when the visitor(s) leave W23;
  3. The CYTC student shall accompany his/her visitor(s) during the entire visit in W23, and ensure the visitor(s)’ behaviors comply with CYTC Code of Conduct; No visitor should enter W23 without accompanied by a CYTC student;
  4. All visitors should leave W23 by 22:00;
  5. Without roommate’s approval, visitors should only enter public area but not entering student room. In addition, visitors with opposite gender should never enter the student’s room, under any circumstance;
  6. Visitor(s) can pay for their own meal(s) in W23 Dining Hall during the visit, while the payment should be settled electronically whenever possible (e.g. Macau Pass);
  7. Any CYTC students who enter W23 from 00:00 to 07:00 need to register in the W23 Security Counter;
  8. Interpretation of the above terms is reserved by CYTC.