Cheng Yu Tung College successfully organized the commencement ceremony for celebrating and confirming students’ completion of college life on April 22, 2018. Students who will be graduating or will go exchange for the entire 4th year were considered completing residential life in CYTC. More than 90 graduating seniors, parents and other residents came to the ceremony. In addition, Vice Rector, Prof Ni and 17 College Fellows and Affiliates altogether celebrated this meaningful moment. It was a great honor that Founding Master of CYTC, Prof. Chung Ling also attended this ceremony. All the students and teachers wore the CYTC gown and hat in the ceremony as a formal attire in the event.
Certificates were issued to those students to honor and confirm their completion of RC life. Two graduating student representatives, Mr. Lei Weng San and Ms. Lu Zi Jun talked about their 4-year life in CYTC, saying that College is a warm family to them, a good platform to meet people and perform themselves. And then two student representatives of House Association, Ms. Choi Cheng Mei and Ms. Lei Cho Teng sent their best wishes and appreciation to the graduating seniors. All the participants enjoyed the event and took non-stopping photos afterwards.