A group of ten students from Cheng Yu Tung College (CYTC), led by Master Chung Ling and Associate Master William Lee, went to China top university, the Peking University, for an 8-day exchange program with Yuan Pei College. This exchange program attracted many applications among CYTC students. Ten students were selected based on academic performance and individual talent. After several training and rehearsal sessions, the group started the journey on May 24th.

Yuanpei College arranged a rich program for CYTC students. In addition to auditing classes conducted by PKU famous faculty, they also visited the campus of Peking University and many historical sites in Beijing, including the Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, the National Museum, and listen to concerts.

4 CYTC students who have been involved in dialogue with Chinese President Xi Jinping, were arranged to have a sharing and discussion session with Yuanpei teachers and students.

Students from Yuanpei College paid a return visit from August 30th to September 6th. In addition to auditing classes in the University of Macau, CYTC has invited the Director of Institute for the Study of Commercial Gaming, Professor FONG Ka Chio to give a lecture on the history of gaming industry in Macau to Yuanpei students. They have visited numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites in Macau, accompanied by their partner students from CYTC. Meanwhile, students from CYTC and Yuanpei also held a joint talent show on September 4th. Performances include playing Portuguese folk song <Black Ships> with Chinese musical instruments, singing, comic dialogue crosstalk, street dance, Taekwondo, and stage show based on the video game characters, etc., The talent show have attracted about 300 audiences, including the Chairman of the University, Dr. Peter Lam and Rector Zhao Wei.