Cheng Yu Tung College (CYTC) conducted its third Service-Learning project in in Congjiang County, Guizhou from June 7 to June 13, 2021. 14 students of CYTC led by Resident Fellow Ms. Diane Lu went to Congjiang to provide voluntary teaching in a primary school called Dadai. They also learnt local minority cultures by visiting Miao tribe.

CYTC had a field trip in Congjiang in July 2018 and had conversations with the local officials and principals so as to understand their needs. CYTC then conducted its very first Service-Learning program in Congjiang in December 2018. Dadai village is located in the mountains and most of them are Miao people. Miao people, who are still remaining a traditional farming way, have their own language and culture. The “new Dadai primary school” was built and at work in the end of 2019 and it was based on the policy of poverty alleviation by the Macao S.A.R. Government. CYTC volunteering team served in the new campus for the first time, with the theme of “knowing yourself, your hometown and the world”.

The team targeted its voluntary teaching on P3 to P6 students, mainly 332 people in total and basically conducted the teaching in workshop styles or by small groups. Team members learnt from the principal that the kids had limited, even some misleading conceptions about adolescent development and were not aware of the impact on early marriage and early child-bearing. Therefore, CYTC volunteer team used several teaching materials such as facial cleansers, underwear, and sanitary pads to make the kids understand how to go through puberty properly. And through some scene plays, TV news sharing and personal experience sharing from the team members, it is hoped that kids would have a better understanding about adolescent development, having empathy and positive attitude on selves and others. Regarding of knowing their hometown and the world, the kids got the opportunities to learn various provinces of China and their own hometown, Guizhou. Moreover, the kids felt fascinated by learning how the earth, moon and sun revolve and they also realized how big the world is by learning different colors of people. CYTC team members encouraged all the kids to leave the big mountains to pursue further studies and one day when they become stronger and much more mature, remember to pay back to the society and to their dearest hometown and Miao people.

In addition to all the foregoing, it was great to see nine out of these 14 College members did the voluntary teaching again this year. After they were touched by the children’s warmth and hospitality in 2019, they returned to the mountains to serve and to learn with these kids together again. They were committed to taking more social responsibility and actively respond the patriotic feeling towards motherland China. CYTC also took the chance to visit the Miao people’s tribe and went to the renowned Jiabang terrace after the services. Undoubtedly all the members experienced the minority cultures and highly appreciated the beauty of the nature in Guizhou.