Cheng Yu Tung College held 2018 Macau-Hong Kong Poetry Recital

Spring is the season of poetry. After the successful poetry recital held last year, Cheng Yu Tung College invited four well-known poets, , Ling Ku, Lin Xiang Jun, Wu Yin Ching, and Wong Leung Wo from Macau and Hong Kong to read poems again with our 10 students.

The poetry recital was very special in a way that not only the poets read poems but also students chose one of the poets’ works to read. It was followed by questions and answers about the meaning of the poems. Students were fully engaged in reading poems. The poems were about nature, love, religion, self-awareness, parent-child relationship, etc.  CYTC students impressed the poets by their sentimental and touching performance. During the recital, some students read with background music and projected graphics. All the audiences including the poets enjoyed the recital very much. Students and poets also had an in-depth discussion. The poets were amazed by students’ views and praised that they were like budding critics.

CYTC has been organizing poetry recital since 2013. It was the 6th time on 25 March, 2018. All of the participants were intoxicated in the beauty of poems, images as well as the music.