Photo Club of the College was established in December 2013. The goal of the club is to cultivate student’s artistic appreciation and technique. The supervisors are Master Chung and Associate Master Zhen. Mr. Cheng Kar Shing, son of our donor Cheng Yu Tung came once to tutor student’s work. Five workshops were held and a competition and an exhibition on the theme “spring” were held in May 2014. Judges included Professor Jin Shuren, Mast Chung and Associate Master Zhen. Four photos by students were selected and given prizes. Members of Photo Club are sometimes responsible to take photos of College buildings, as well as College activities. Members of academic year 2013/14 are: Wang Shuang, Mo Xiao Zhi, Tang Tai Chun, Wu Ge, Zhang Xin Yi, Huang Qi Hua, Cao Ying, Zhang Yun Ji, Kang Li Jin and Zhang Qing. Photo Club has terminated of operation in May, 2015.



1st Place- Author:  Mo Xiao Zhi    

smile 2



2nd Place- Author: Wong Shuang




3rd Place- Author:Wu Ge

3rd Place: Wu Ge




3rd Place- Author: Zhang Yun Ju

3rd Place: Zhang Yun Ju




Author: Cheng Kar Shing

IMG_0681 IMG_0674




Author: Chung Ling

chung ling 3 Chung ling





Author: Zhen Yong

Happy birds 008 2 - 複製  Swans 003




Author:Simon Lok

Lok2 Lok1





Author: Mo Xiao Zhi

1st Place: Mo Xiao Zhi smile 1



Author: Wong Shuang

2 Neo5





Author:Wu Ge

3rd Place: Wu Ge 09 吴戈 1




Author: Zhang Yun Ju

3rd Place: Zhang Yun Ju 张云霁 2 (1)





Author: Huang Qi Hua

Eva1 黄绮华 2




Author: Zhang Xin Yi

欣怡1 欣怡 2 2




Author: Tang Tai Chun

Alex1 Alex2




Author: Kang Li Jin

麗津1 2 麗津2 2