Cheng Yu Tung College Library

CYTC Library located on the G floor of the annex and named “Fragrance of Books”, is now operated from 20th October, 2014. The library is organized by Library Committee that is determined to meet the needs of college students and provide them with different reading experience from UM library. The library is expected to design and renovate into a unique and innovative “labyrinth library” during winter vacation in 2015.


At present, the collection has around 800 books. 339 books were donated from the Macau Foundation. CYTC students recommended and purchased around 400 books while other books were recommended by the resident and non-resident academics of CTYC. The collection of the library covers books in literature, art, science, history, culture, religion, philosophy, tourist and etc.


Library Committee

CYTC Library Committee was founded in September, 2014. There are three working groups in the Library Committee: the Publicity Group, the Book Management Group and the Activity Planning Group. All of these 25 volunteer librarians were selected by interview among 50 applicants. Now let’s take a look of the Committee student leaders and the group members.


Publicity Group


Loving knowledge,loving college,I’m Hill,I love my library.


I am Qin Rong Wei and my English name is Vicho. I major in International Relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences. I love literature as well as science. My favorite book is <send you a bullet> written by Yu Liu. It is my pleasure to serve in CYTC library.

Group members: HOU YANAN(Economics), WU YAN(Mia)(Chinese Language and Literature), ZHOU YE(Psychology), WANG ZHE(Electrical and computer engineering)

Book Management Group


I am Michael. Because of my interests of books, I joined the Library Committee by the time the library was established. Also because of that love of reading, I’m now one of the two leaders of group 2 in the committee. I’m in charge in book purchasing, book classification and book management. I’m also in charge in the operation of the library.

Everything we do is aimed at serving students of CYTC, and we would certainly focus on your need of reading. We would keep in touch with students, and try our best to understand what they desire to read from time to time, hoping to fulfill students’ needs by our efforts.

Kindly trust us, and we will offer you books you desire most and a warm reading space just beside your room.

Miao San Feng

My name is Miao San Feng. I am a student majoring in English Study in FAH. Though I am always energetic, reading is one important part of my life. I have deep infection with books and I appreciate a lot for this chance to take care of the books I like. Meanwhile, I hope that more students can start to read more with the help of our library!

Group members: ZHENG QIYI(Eve)(Law), CHEN BOYU(Bob)(Mathematics application), CHEN MINGHAO(Arrow)(Computer and Information Science), CHAO WANSI(Erica)(Japanese Studies), LIANG YU(Kay)(English Studies), HONG JIAJING(Chinese Language and Literature)

Activity Planning Group


Hello, I am Jackie from Activity Planning Group. My dream is to hold up interesting and enjoyable activities. I hope I can make my efforts to bring happy and special memory to you.


I am responsible for the activities and human resource management organization in the CYTC College Library. With many creative ideas, I hope that I can put what I think into practice. Wish the activities can improve the happy atmosphere in our library.


Hi, my name is Anthea. I am year two and major in mathematics (mathematics application) now. With our efforts to build a lovely library, I believe you all will love our library more~

Group members: HE JIAN SHENG(Civil and Environmental Engineering), TIAN LI HANG(Computer and Information Science), FONG LEILEI(Sociology), HO KIN TONG(Cyndi)(Portugues Studies)

Welcome to Cheng Yu Tong Residential College Library!


Details about library:


1. Loan time: 16:00 -23:00 on weekdays  11:00-23:00 on weekends (except public holidays)

2. Service time: 11:00-23:00 everyday (except public holidays) for studying and reading without loan service

3. Any suggestions and ideas,please send email to

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