Activities Organized in Cheng Yu Tung College in 2013/14 Second Semester

           House Association Activities

1.  The Night of Challenge

Date: 23/03/2014

House Association held this joint activity to diminish the stress from studying and provided a chance for college students to have a better communication with whom they are not acquainted with. This activity trained students’ interpersonal skills, organizing skills and team spirit. During the activity, participants communicated with team members to find the best way to achieve the goals.


2.  Community Service in Caritas de Macau

Date: 16/03 – 08/06/2014

Students in CYTC are enthusiastic in community service. Community Service group of House Association organized a service project for students to work with Caritas de Macau to distribute food to the needy. The organization is called Centro do Servico de Fornecimento Temporario de Alimentos da Caritas (food bank). It is started by Caritas de Macau and aims at getting in touch with those having economic difficulties for further assessment and follow-up service to minimize the occurrence of other potential problems and in the long run, it hopes to improve the situation of the poor through combining the strength of different social groups in the society. 25 students participated in the activity and will continue to work for one year in the project.



3.  Community Service in Cradle of Hope

Date: 01/04/2014 – 08/06/2014

Community Service group organized another service project to provide opportunity for students to serve the community. It collaborates with the local charity Cradle of Hope. Cradle of Hope provides family-like living environment for 0-6 year old children who suffered from trauma of abuse, abandonment or neglect. It provides a secure environment for children to heal and grow to become a successful member of the society. 11 students participated in this activity. They were divided into 5 groups to take care of children of different ages. Students go to service every weekend for at least 10 weeks and 3-6 hours each time. Although it was exhausting, students enjoyed being with the kids and learned a lot from the volunteer experience.


4.  Tin-whistle Workshop

Date: 01/04 – 15/04/2014

Art and Culture Working Group have been committed to the cultivation of College Students’ artistic accomplishment. Students in our residential college are very interested in music. College Fellow Dr. Lei was invited to teach students how to play Tin Whistle. Tin Whistle is one of the Ireland’s unique instruments. It is a simple, six-holed woodwind instrument which is suitable for us to learn in a short-term workshop. Students played quite well after the workshop and one of them performed it when a guest came to our college.


5.  IFT Visit (Institute For Tourism)

Date: 23/04/2014

IFT offers a wide range of professional courses and qualifications in tourism-related disciplines, such as hospitality, tourism business, heritage, retail and marketing, culinary arts which are quite different from UM. Social Activity working group organized this visit and our Associate Master, Dr. Zhen led 12 students there to learn and communicate with IFT staff and students.

6.  Painted Sculpture Workshop

Date: 10-17/05/2014

Painted sculptures are one of the folk arts which are not hard for students to make. Many students in our residential college are very interested in and curious about painted sculptures. One of our college fellows Dr. Zhang is mastered in painted sculptures. The Art and Culture working group invited her to conduct a workshop on how to make painted sculptures.


7.  Healthy Talk-Saving time &Getting Fit with High-intensity Interval Training

Date: 21/05/2014

With the increasing of learning burden, our students do not have much time to exercise and relax themselves adequately. Sports and wellness working group invited College Fellow, Dr. Kong from Faculty of Education to give a talk of “Saving time &Getting Fit with High-intensity Interval Training”. It was definitely an innovative way for students to do sports in a short time with high intensity which helps solve the problems above.

8.  Visit by University of Connecticut, US

Date: 26/05/2014

There were 11 undergraduates from the University of Connecticut, US who specifically were part of the Global House living-learning community. Social activity working group held this activity to interact with them and hence to develop the competence on global citizenship.

9.  Cheng Yu Tung College “Young” magazine

Date: 05/2014

Students lived as a big family in CYTC for one academic year and experienced a period of role transition from freshmen to sophomore. Publicity and public relationship working group found that most of them were willing to review the first passing year in the university. Therefore, they published the first issue of newsletter in memory of the time we spent together.

Tai Chi Workshop

Date: 05/2014

Tai Chi is an internal Chinese martial art practiced for both its defense training and its health benefits. It has positive effects on health, chronic diseases and conditions. Sports and Wellness working group invited our RT Philip as a coach to teach college students. Philip has learned Tai Chi for more than 4 years, and he did show his great passion and enthusiasm to let our students feel the beauty of Tai Chi.


11.  Freshman Year Farewell Party

Date:  24/05/2014

House Association held a college-wide activity to look back students’ freshmen year and helped students to make plans for their future. In addition, they held the farewell party and gave the warmest wishes for resident tutors who will leave college next semester.