Activities Organized in Cheng Yu Tung College in 2013/14 First Semester   

 House Association Activities

1.        Postcards for Teachers Day

Date:  09/08, 09/09/2013    

When the Teacher’s Day was approaching, our RT Mia invited students to send gratitude to their former teachers by post cards.  Students learned to thank the teachers on this special day.

Postcards for Teachers Day

Postcards for Teachers Day 2

2.       Mid-Autumn Celebration

Date: 09/19/2013   

This Mid-autumn festival is a very important day for family reunion. Our RTs and the newly elected House Association members worked together to present a Mid-autumn party for all the students in our college.  The party went very well and students did feel warm in their new “home”.

Mid-Autumn Celebration


Mid-Autumn Celebration 2

3.       IT Training workshop

Date:  10/19-11/2/2013   

Students are eager to learn about IT skills such as Photoshop skills and video editing skills. The communication and publicity working group of our house association organized two workshop series to train students these practical skills.


4.       Portugal Culture Exploration

Date: 11/02/2013  

Macau is a place full of Portugal legacies. Culture and Art group organized students in our college to go out and explore Portugal culture.


5.       Environment-friendly bags promotion

Date: 11/05/2013-01/09/2014     

There is no limitation on plastic bag usage in Macau. Students realized that they stored too many plastic bags from various sources. In order to promote environmental protection, community service group initiated to design an environmental friendly bag, the most popular design is selected, and 120 bags were manufactured.

Environment-friendly bags promotion

6.       Outdoor Activity Experience Sharing

Date: 11/08/2013        

The sports and health working group of our house association invited Mr. Wu Jia-ying to share with our students his extraordinary experiences of crossing the American Continent from east to west by bike, conquer the worlds’ highest mountains and serving  the children in need. His spirits inspired many of our students.

Outdoor Activity Experience Sharing

7.       Experience Macau Culture by handmade Passion Fruits Hazelnut Cake

Date:  11/22/2013     

Many students are interested in dessert but they hardly have chances to make their own cake. In order to give them a better understanding of bakery industry and Macau dessert culture, Social Activity Group organized an activity to let the students learn the history of dessert and how to make dessert.

 手工製作熱情果榛子蛋糕體驗澳門文化 1

手工製作熱情果榛子蛋糕體驗澳門文化 2

8.       Communication with PJC House Association

Date:  11/24/2013      

Our newly established house association wanted to learn from the two well-developed colleges and they organized a communication activity for all the house association members to visit PJC house association and to learn from their experiences.


9.       Waltz Workshop

Date: 12/05, 12/10, 12/20/2013    

Social dance is one of the social skills students want to learn. The culture and art working group invited our college fellow, Dr. Lei, who is a social dance master to teach students waltz dance skills. Many students participated in the activity and they also performed Waltz in the Christmas party.

Christmas Party 2

10.   Christmas Party

Date: 12/25/2013      

Christmas is the most important festival in the West and students found it interesting to learn the Christmas culture and celebrate it. Our house association held a Christmas party for students to experience this special western culture.

Christmas Party  Christmas Party 3 Christmas Party 4

11.   Cheering up for Final Exam

Date: 12/23/2013-01/11/2014      

To cheer students up during final exam and help them relax, the House Association organized a cheering up activity for all the residents. In the activity, floor representatives cook soup for students every night and write encouraging words on the white boards on each floor.