1. Mid-Autumn Festival in Hac Sa Beach

Date: 2016/9/10        Participants: 83

Competency: Healthy Living; Interpersonal Relationship and Teamwork; Cultural Engagement

It’s a whole new start for all freshmen. HA held this camp and BBQ event at Hac Sa Beach. CYTC students got a chance to know about others and they certainly had a great time!
















































































  1. Night Jogging

Date: 2016/10/7-21           Participants: 20

Competency: Healthy Living; Interpersonal Relationship and Teamwork

Health and Sports working group kept holding night jogging for 7 times in October and November. It’s enjoyable to see that CYTC runners kept the passion and the optimism alive when they participated in activity. The students boost their strength and had fun in this activity.















  1. Volunteer Sharing Session

Date: 2016/10/6        Participants:20

Competency: Interpersonal Relationship and Teamwork; Service and Leadership

The community service working group held three service teams successfully in assisting the animals in Anima, in the Caritas food bank and in the volunteering teaching of Salvation Army last year. The volunteers shared their experience and reflection on their work in this activity and took this opportunity to recruit new volunteers.


  1. CYTC Halloween Maze

Date: 2016/10/31, 11/1, 11/3, 11/4        Participants: 180

Competency: Interpersonal Relationship and Teamwork; Cultural Engagement

Halloween is not only a traditional festival but also stands as the worldwide entertaining and cultural event. When the college students participated in the series of Halloween activities. On the one hand, students knew more about the western culture and gained global perspectives. On the other hand, students got united and closer in the entertaining teamwork games.








































































  1. Hunger Banquet

Date: 2016/11/3           Participants: 20

Competency: Interpersonal Relationship and Teamwork; Service and Leadership

Today, enough food is produced to feed everyone in the world comfortably. However, there are more than 1 billion hungry people around the world. Hunger Banquet encouraged a deeper understanding of world food distribution and poverty.  It was an interactive demonstration, during which participants acquired knowledge in the disparity of food and wealth distribution by experiencing world conditions. This meaningful event was organized by Community service working group and Bosco Youth Service Network.


















  1. Orienteering in Macau!

Date: 2016/11/19     Participants: 8

Competency: Healthy Living; Interpersonal Relationship and Teamwork; Cultural Engagement; Leadership and Service

This activity aimed for mainland students and local students to take a trip together in Macau. They learned people’s daily life via finding out some places that were given from the question paper. As a result, students had a better understanding of Macau culture and appreciated the local food.



























7. Yoga Class

Date: 2016/11          Participants: 8

Competency: Healthy Living; Interpersonal Relationship and Teamwork

Sports and Health working group held yoga class for 5 times. A series of self-cultivation method was taught to help students achieve the oneness of physical and mental. After the instructor’s guidance, students can practice yoga themselves.






























8. Bryant College’s Visit

Date: 2016/11/19     Participants: 38

Competency: Leadership and Service; Interpersonal Relationship and Teamwork

It was a mutual visit between CYTC and Bryant College, Zhuhai. CYTC visited Bryant College in April, 2016 and then Bryant College was invited to visit UM and CYTC in November. CYTC residents introduced our college and campus to them. Through the visit, students of two colleges knew one another better and had a great time in Macau. This event was held by Social Activity working Group.









































9. Life in CYTC Photography Competition

Date: 2016/10/27-11/24       Participants: 11

Competency: Cultural Engagement

College life photography competition-it was also a photo collection program. College students have different friends, stories and wishes in CYTC and university life. Hence this event covered 3 topics, “Smile” – the most impressive expression; “Room” – the starting point of college life every day, the most secret corners; “Love” – Love has a magical power, what kind of love you have discovered, had, or given? We did collect some nice photos as following.