Guidelines for Exchange Student Program between UM Cheng Yu-Tung College and the Yuanpei College of Peking University


Application Form:


According to the Memorandum of Understanding on a Program of Exchange Students between Cheng Yu-Tung College and Yuanpei Colleges of Peking University, both Colleges will host 10 exchange students from each other respectively. Students will stay in the host college for 8 days, participating in programs specially designed for the program.

  • Date: 23rd – 30th May, 2016
  •  Location: Yuanpei College of Peking University, Beijing
  • Air tickets fare will be partially subsidized by the CYTC
  • Accommodation and meals will be provided by Host College
  • Quota: 10 students

Application Requirement

1) Experience in performing arts (Dancing/Drama etc.) or Achievement in  literary, artistic, creation
2) Or participated in the salon of President Xi Jinping on 20th Dec 2014 with
3) GPA above 2.8

Selection of Applicants

1. Credit of College activities, House Associate (HA) activities, and Floor Activities participated: (Maximum points: 12)

  • 2 points for each College activity
  • 1 point for each Floor activity

Please refer to the “current activities” and “past events” in CYTC webpage for possible point earned for each event.

2. The Executive Meeting will decide on the points given for the following services (maximum: 10 points):

  • Obvious contribution as a floor representative
  • Exceptional contribution as a HA member
  • Students who assist and actively engage in College initiated activities such as attending orientation programs, serving as an orientation volunteer, a MC, High Table Dinner performer, receiving CYTC guests, painting or writing calligraphy for honored guest, volunteer photographers for CYTC activities, etc.
  •  Winner of Cleaning Competition will earn 1 point
  •  Recommendation by RT/Ra

3. Interview will be conducted when necessary

4. Successful applicants should comply with following conditions:

  • Students are not allowed to schedule their own itinerary in Beijing, China. All students must arrive and leave the country as a group.
  • Students should attend the pre-departure meeting and classes
  • Trip reports and attending sharing sessions are expected
  •  Receive future exchange students from Yuanpei College of Peking University


** CYTC reserves the right to explain and amend the guidelines**
Ref.: Yuanpei Peking University Website