Application Form:

NCCU exchange program application form

Guidelines for Exchange Student Program between UM Cheng Yu-Tung College and the RCs of Taiwan National Chengchi University

To enrich students’ residential life and broaden one’s horizons, Memorandum of Understanding on a Program of Exchange Students between Cheng Yu-Tung College and Chengchi Colleges was signed in May, 2014, which meant since the new academic year of 2014/15, CYTC and Chengchi College will send 10 students to each other. The students will stay in the host college for 7 days. We believe students will benefit and learn different cultures and experiences.

Date: Dec 18th to 24th, 2016 (Sun-Sat) for CYTC students to visit Chengchi University
Selection of Applicants

A. Credit of College activities, House Associate (HA) activities, and Floor Activities participated:   

* Attending a College activity counts 2 points

* Attending a HA or a Floor activity counts 1 point

* Ceiling of points:
New residents: 6 points from Sep to Nov, 2016;
Upper-class students who have been in CYTC over a year: 12 points from Dec, 2015 to Nov, 2016

For the College Activities, students can only earn points from a selection of events; the selected activities will be announced on “current activities” and “past events” of CYTC webpage.
B. The Executive Meeting will decide on the points given for the following services for 1 to 10 points.

(1) Obvious contribution by a floor group representative

(2) Exceptional contribution as a HA member

(3) Students who assist and actively engage in College initiated activities such as attending orientation programs, serving as an orientation volunteer, a MC, performing music in High Table Dinner, receiving the guests, painting or writing calligraphy for honored guest, taking photos for activities, etc.

(4) Those roommates, in a unit of living quarter, who win in the cleaning competition, will each gain 1 point.

(5) Recommendation by RT/RA

C. For qualified applicants, interviews will be arranged

D. Categories of applicants
(1) One participant elected among RA/RA by themselves, he/she will act as the leader of the exchange group.

(2) Undergraduate applicants who reside in the college for the same length of period will be grouped together for calculating points.

E. Successful applicants should comply with following items 

(1) Students are not allowed to schedule their own itinerary in Taiwan, which means no early or later arrivals and departures as well as being absent during the trip.

(2) Students should attend the trip briefing and meetings

(3) Students will get subsidy of one round trip economy-class airfare for 1500MOP from CYTC and there will be no charge of accommodation fee. However, students shall be responsible for their other expense of the trip, such as meal fee.

(4) Trip reports and attending sharing sessions are expected

(5) Receive future exchange students from Chengchi University

** CYTC reserves the right to explain and amend the guidelines

Ref.: NCCU Residential College Website