The College encourages Resident Tutors (RT) / Resident Assistants (RA) and students to learn through life experience, so the College will subsidize activities that cultivate students’ mind and horizon.

The procedure of applying for an activity budget is to fill in the application form of a proposal. The floor activity proposal could be initiated by the floor representative or floor group member. The draft proposal has to be endorsed by RT/RA, RT/RA should consult with Resident Fellow, and finally submit to Master. The House Association (HA) activity should be initiated and proposed by the relevant head, and the proposal has to be endorsed by the Chairperson of HA. The head has to consult with Resident Fellow and finally submit to Master.

The activity must meet one or several of the five competencies set by UM’s Residential Colleges System.

  1. Inter- personal relation and teamwork
  2. Global citizenship
  3. Leadership and service
  4. Cultural engagement
  5. Healthy living