Activities Organized in Cheng Yu Tung College in 2013/14 Second Semester

 Floor Activities

1.      The Discovery of Tea                                                

Date: 23/02; 02/03; 09/03/2014

Our students had a chance to go outside together and enhance their friendship as well as to promote their knowledge about the Tea knowledge and Chinese culture. In addition, they learned more about the history of tea trade in Macau. This was a 3-session tea culture event held by our RT Richard.



2.      Chinese Table Manners Workshop

Date: 09/03/2014

Students have the opportunities to join in formal dinners in many occasions in college; therefore table manner is important for them to perform properly. RT Mia and Phillip jointly organized a table manner training workshop for their floor members to learn Chinese table manners. Resident Fellow Ms. Diane Lu is invited as the trainer.


3.      Go Ice Skating

Date: 09/03/2014

Ice skating is an interesting sport for individuals as well as groups. Floor representative Fu Hao proposed a group ice skating activity to help students learn how to skate, she also designed group activities to build up their team spirit. Students had fun during the event.

4.      Kitchen Cleaning

Date: 17/03-08/06/2014

In order to have a clean common area, two of our floor representatives Leona and Heather come up with a team cleaning plan for two floor groups which share a same kitchen. 4 floor members are responsible for the weekly cleaning and condiments are bought to encourage participation. The kitchen gets cleaner under the team effort.


5.      Scavenger Hunting and Spring Out                

Date: 22/03/2014

New Yuan Ming Palace(園明新園) is built for memorializing its prosperity, a reproduction was built in Zhuhai and opened to the public in 1997. RT Neo and Michelle held this visit as a spring out. Besides, students have also done the litter picking in the park through playing scavenger hunting games. By picking up litter and refraining from littering, students did meritorious deeds to achieve the objective of environmental protection.



6.      Swimming Together

Date:  23/03/2014

To encourage sportsmanship, RT Vera organized a swimming workshop for her floor members. Prof. Kong Zhaowei who is an expert on sport was invited to deliver professional training on swimming. He also introduced students about the regulation of Olympic Games in swimming.


7.      Girls Workshop

Date: 16/04/2014

Girls may encounter difficulties in gender relationships. It is necessary for girls to learn how to overcome these troubles and protect themselves in relationships. Ms. Lu was invited to conduct the workshop for two floor groups and it was fruitful to the students.


8.      Show Your Hometown Culture-Food & Wedding

Date: 21/04 – 21/05/2014

Students of CYTC come from different regions of China, which have different cultures on food and wedding. Four floor groups jointly organized an event for students to show their hometown culture. Students learned about the diversified cultures in China through this activity.


9.      CYTC Earth Day               

Date: 22/04; 25/04/2014

Every year on April 22, over 1 billion people in 190 countries take action for Earth Day. People plant trees, clean up their communities and more improvement engaged with our unique environment. Facing the global warming reality, RT Richard and Neo held the event to encourage students, as global citizens studying in Macau, should have responsibility to promote a sustaining development of our environment.


10.  Happy Bowling Day                     

Date: 26/04/2014

Most of our college students had never experienced how to go bowling. RT Neo, Richard, Philip and Smile host this event to create opportunity for students to learn new sports. Go bowling needs lots of skills and it is beneficial to both mind and physical wellness. The RTs have invited a professional coach to teach the professional skills to students.


11.  Cultural Voyage in Coloane

Date: 04/05/2014

A-Ma Culture is a significant part of Macao culture. There is a famous A-Ma Cultural Village in Coloane and the A-Ma statue nearby is the highest A-Ma Statue in the world. RT Vera organized an activity for students to go and learn the A-Ma culture in Macau.


12.  Professional Make-up Workshop

Date: 09/05/2014

Professional make-up is an important interpersonal skill for girls. Michelle and Sally jointly organized a professional make-up workshop for students. Experienced makeup artist was invited to deliver the practical skills for make-up in different occasions.


13.  Macau Adventure                                                        

Date: 18/05/2014

The architecture, art, religion, tradition, food and community in Macau show the integration of Chinese, Western and Portuguese cultures. CYTC students had the opportunity to explore more about Macau. They had to work together and accomplished some outdoor tasks. It was not only a self-cultivation improvement but College’s culture cultivating. It took whole day to finish this event and special thanks shall be given to the organizers RT Richard and Neo.

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14.  Effective Learning Promotion for Final Exam

Date: 03/06 – 09/06/2014

Before the final exam, students are anxious about their study. Some of them could not manage their stress and others just could not get away from their computer games and smartphone. RT Mia organized an activity to help students to become effective learners.


15.  Headdress and Hairstyle Workshop

Date: 10/06/2014

In various occasions, college students are required to have decent headdress and hairstyles to improve their personal appearance.  Girls are eager to learn how to do elegant hairstyles so that RT Mia organized a headdress and hairstyle workshop to help student learn the relevant kills.