Activities Organized in Cheng Yu Tung College in 2013/14 First Semester

Floor Activities

1.        Cooking together to relieve frustration                  

Date: 09/12/2013   

8 students applied for the floor group committee, only 2 of them will be elected. In order to relieve the frustration, RT Mia organized a cooking activities for them to relax in a friendly warm atmosphere.

Cooking together to relieve frustration

2.       Group problem solving                                                

Date: 09/15/2013   

Freshmen came across a variety of difficulties at the beginning of their college life. RT Sally called her floor members together to speak out their troubles and work out solutions as a group. This activity built up supportive and caring environment for students.

Group problem solving

3.       Anxiety relief and problem tackle                      

Date: 09/15/2013  

Freshmen were anxious about course selection. RT May organized an anxiety relief activity in which students played small games, talked about the issues they encountered and shared experience with each other.


4.       Learn to cook and cook for others                            

Date: 09/17/2013  

There wasn’t any canteen in the college at the beginning, thus cooking skills became an essential life skill for students. RT Smile organized a cooking skill sharing with her floor members and some students also shared meals with other students to show care and support.


5.       Comparison of different local Mid-autumn festival celebration & Help students communicate with parents                                                                    

Date: 09/19/2013   

Students in our college come from regions with various cultures. It is a good opportunity for students to learn about Mid-autumn cultures in different regions across China. RT Philip held this culture sharing activity with his floor members. It was also the birthday of one of the students in the group, All the participated students recorded a video together and sent to his mother to show caring and thankfulness in CYTC family.


6.       Basketball Match

Date: 09/25/2013    

Boys like basketball! The three male floors co-organized a basketball match for all the boys in our college. A basketball team was formed after this activity to represent our college in the inter-college basketball match.


7.       DIY handcraft to enhance creativity                        

Date: 09/29/2013    

Girls like handcraft and how about DIY handcraft? Girls in Mia’s group collaborated with a local cultural group and organized a DIY workshop for the students to learn about traditional folk crafts. Students in this activity creatively designed their own handcraft such as charm keychain.

DIY handcraft to enhance creativity


DIY handcraft to enhance creativity 2

8.       Cantonese Learning

Date: 10/01/2013-11/31/2013  

Cantonese is the basic communication tool for people living in Macau.  Four of the floor groups organized Cantonese learning groups for students to learn Cantonese. The teachers were fluent Cantonese speaking students.


9.       Yoga workshop

Date: 10/19, 10/26/2013    

Yoga is very popular nowadays.  Girls on the fifth floor established a yoga group led by RT Michelle to exercise yoga together.


10.   Contemporary  Dance Group 

Date: 10/26/2013-12/20/2013    

Our student Cai Shaoqiu likes contemporary dancing and he is also good at it. His RT Phillip organized a contemporary dance group which invited him to be the teacher to teach contemporary dancing.


11.     Raise awareness of environmental protection by visiting Giant Panda pavilion

Date: 10/27/2013       

Macau Giant Panda Pavilion is an important environment education center in Macau.  RT Michelle took her floor members to see the cute pandas and learn about the environmental protection work in Macau.


12.   Mexican food cooking                                                   

Date: 11/05/2013    

Students in the new campus want to learn about new cuisines and enrich their diet. This activity organized by RT Smile not only taught Mexican salad making skills but also introduced Mexican culture.


13.   Overcoming Procrastination                                      

Date: 11/11/2013-01/11/2014   

Many students in college suffer from different level of procrastination. RT Mia who has a clinical phycology background organized a study group to help students become effective learners.


14.   Celebration of Traditional Chinese Festival – Chung Yeung Festival

Date: 11/13/2013    

Chung Yeung Festival is a traditional Chinese Festival. RT Sally and Richard co-organized a climbing activity for students to experience this traditional culture. They also recited poems relate to the festival.

Celebration of Traditional Chinese Festival - Chung Yeung Festival

Celebration of Traditional Chinese Festival - Chung Yeung Festival 2


15.   Academic writing workshop

Date: 11/22/2013   

Freshmen do not have much experience of writing academic papers while many courses require students to write term essays or reports. RT Sally and Michelle invited one of our resident fellows to hold an academic writing workshop for students.


16.   Make-up workshop to facilitate social activities    

Date: 11/24/2013    

Make-up is a basic interpersonal skill for students nowadays. A make-up workshop is organized by RT Mia and professional teachers are hired to train students’ make-up skills.

Make-up workshop to facilitate social activities

17.   A bite of the 3rd floor                                                  

Date: 12/7/2013-12/23/2013    

College students usually get up late and skip breakfast, especially when there is no canteen around. RT Neo came up with an idea of “one serving for all project” to help students eat healthily. Students in his floor made simple breakfast such as soymilk and sandwiches in turn for all other students.  In this way every student leaned to serve for others and everyone got breakfast.


18.   Presentation Skills Training

Date: 12/11/2013     

Presentations are usually part of the class assessment. Many of our students lack presentation skills. RT Michelle and Sally invited Ms. Ma from the language center to train our students how to do presentations.

Presentation Skills Training


19.   To promote healthy diet by making sushi before final exam 

Date: 12/14/2013  

Students are nervous before final exam and many of them do not have healthy diet.  RT Richard organized a sushi making activity to help students relax and he also demonstrated what a healthy diet is and the importance of it.