Run for LOVE (3.13)

Staff of the association select some places in the college and the remote part of the campus. They randomly choose six places to take directional photos in one hour and also need to send the photos to the mailbox of the association. If they meet all the requirements, they will get one hour of PE hours.


“Meet By Chance” is a celebration of White Valentine’s Day. In the series, House Association will host four events, watching romantic movies, making chocolate, collecting romantic words online, taking directional photos and printing photos. Among them, all college students can feel the atmosphere of celebrating Valentine’s Day in the activity, get to know more friends in our college, make more friends of the opposite sex, and share the culture about valentine’s day in different regions.

Person in Charge:

1. 張浩然Zhang Haoran
2. 魏宇瑩 Wei Yuying
3. 梁潔微 Leong Kit Mei