Activities Organized in Cheng Yu Tung College in 2013/14 First Semester

College Activities


1.       The First High Table Dinner in the New UM Campus

Date: 09/18/2013      

The first High Table Dinner of Freshman College (East) was successfully organized and held on Sep. 19th 2013 at the Dining Hall of S9, New UM Campus. This was also the first High Table Dinner ever held on the New UM Campus. Prof. Haydn Chen, the Vice Rector for Student Affairs, was invited as the guest speaker.  Dean of Faculty of Education Fan Xitao, Dean of Faculty of Arts of Humanity Martin Montgomery and Master of Pearl Jubilee College George Watt were invited as guests.

The First High Table Dinner in the New UM Campus The First High Table Dinner in the New UM Campus 2

The First High Table Dinner in the New UM Campus 3

2.       Outstanding Series : “How does one become accomplished” by Dr. Chan Man-Hung

Date: 10/09/2013   

Famous Hong Kong publisher Dr. Chan Man-Hung (陳萬雄) held an evening talk with students about “How does one become accomplished”. Dr. Chan encouraged students to face difficulties in the pursuit of their dreams and cultivates their own critical thinking as young intellectuals.

How does one become accomplished

3.       English Corner

Date: 10/2013-12/2013     

Freshmen need to improve their English ability to adapt into an English teaching university life.  Dr. Robert Wessling who is a native English speaker organized an English corner for students to practice oral English.


4.       UM faculty outstanding series I: RT mental health workshop

Date: 10/2013   

Residential Tutors have been facing difficulties and problems. This activity provided opportunity for students to sit down and discuss their problems with College Master as well as Prof. Jin who is a professional counselor.


5.       Visit to HK Residential Colleges

Date: 11/03/2013-11/04/2013

To learn from established residential colleges, a delegation headed by Master Chung went to HK to exchange ideas on residential college education. Delegation members include Associate Master Dr. Zhen, Resident Fellow Dr. Chu, Resident Tutor Mr. Yin and 6 House Association members and students. The delegation visited Hall E in Lingnan University and United College and New Asia College in Chinese University.

Visit to HK Residential Colleges 1

Visit to HK Residential Colleges 2

Visit to HK Residential Colleges 3

6.       Outstanding Series : “Public Talks with Film Director Mr. Tong Kei Ming”

Date: 11/18/2013-11/20/2013   

Famous Hong Kong director Mr. Tong Kei Ming was invited to give public talks. Mr. Tong analyzed three movies which were Howl’s Moving Castle (Japan), Touch of the Light (Taiwan) and Slum-dog Millionaire (India/ UK). Participants not only had a better understanding of movie’s theme, script writing, casting, light controlling, sound effect and film editing, but also had some reflection on life.

Public Talks with Film Director Mr. Tong Kei Ming Public Talks with Film Director Mr. Tong Kei Ming 2

7.       Conflict Management Skills workshop

Date:  11/20/2013     

Some students have been facing conflicts with others when living in college. Professional counselor Ms Rainbow Leong was invited to give a workshop on conflict management for our students.


8.       UM faculty outstanding series II: Sino-US and Sino-Japan relations

Date:  11/27/2013    

Cheng Yu Tung College invited Senior College Fellow Xu Jie to give a talk on Sino-US and Sino-Japan relations.  Students actively anticipated in this activity and had in-depth discussion with Prof. Xu.

Sino-US and Sino-Japan relations

9.       Let’s Talk about Sex

Date:  11/28/2013      

Sexuality education is necessary for college students. Cheng Yu Tung College invited professional counselor Mr. Elvo Sou to deliver a workshop on self- protection in relationships.


10.   Outstanding Series- Public Talks by Renowned Writer Yan Lianke

Date: 11/30, 12/01/2013    

Renowned Chinese writer, Mr. Yan Lianke (閻連科), was invited to deliver a workshop and two seminars in Freshman College East (FCE)/ Cheng Yu Tung College.  Mr. Yan held a workshop with 15 FCE student writers, tutoring students’ writing skills, students have experienced the fascination of Chinese modernistic literature which inspired student writers to elaborate their innovation potential. Mr. Yan have also shared his life experience, thoughts on  modernistic literature and the society with students in two seminars.

Public Talks by Renowned Writer Yan Lianke Public Talks by Renowned Writer Yan Lianke 2

11.   Second high table dinner of Cheng Yu Tung College

Date: 12/03/2013       

Cheng Yu Tung College successfully held high table dinner on 3rd December. Chairman of the University Council Dr. Tse Chi Wai and his spouse, Executive Director of New World China Land Limited and representative of Chow Tai Fook Cheng Yu Tung Foundation Mr. Cheng Kar Shing, Rector of University of Macau Prof. Zhao Wei, Chairman of the Executive Committee of Macau Foundation Dr. Ng Chi Leung, Vice Rector Prof. Haydn H. D. Chen and his spouse, Director of Macau Daily Mr. Lok Po and Editor-in-Chief of Macau Daily Times Mr. Paulo Coutinho were invited as guests.

 Second high table dinner of Cheng Yu Tung College 1


第二次高桌晚宴 3

12.    Outstanding Series:  Macau Hong Kong Poetry Recital

Date:  12/07/2013    

Cheng Yu Tung College invited Wu Yin Ching, Wong Leung Wo, Ling Ku Un Sio San and Wong Man Fai, five poets from Macau and Hong Kong to recite poems with our students. Five students recited poems of the five poets. The 5 poets were impressed by the influential performance of our students.

 Macau Hong Kong Poetry Recital



Inter-college Activities

1.   Basketball Tournament

Date: 10/12, 10/19/2013

The inter-college committee held a basketball tournament to promote sports and to facilitate friendship among students in different colleges. Our college actively participated in the tournament and achieved effective result.


2.   Putonghua Debate

Date:  12/04/2013

In-order to promote debate culture among colleges, the inter-college committee organized a Putonghua Debate.  Our debate team representative have impressed the judges with compliments by comprehensive preparation.

Putonghua Debate