Prof. Ling Chung Curriculum Vitae Interests and hobbies 

Founding Master of Cheng Yu Tung College

M.A. and Ph.D., Comparative Literature Department, University of Wisconsin, Madison; taught in State University of New York at Albany, Hong Kong University, Sun Yat-sen University (Taiwan), and Hong Kong Baptist University as Chair Professor, Dean of the Arts Faculty and Associate Vice President. Books of research include “American Poetry and Chinese Dream: Chinese Cultural Modes in Modern American Verse” (Taipei: Rye Field Publishing Co.), “Chinese Zen and American Literature” (Beijing: Capital Normal University Press), etc. Also a renowned fiction writer and poet, published books include poetry collection “Fog is Climbing Mountains” (Honk Kong: Infolink Publishing Limited), short story collection “Eye of Heaven and Red Dust” (Beijing: People’s Literature Publishing House)


Wee Keng Lee bDr. Wee Keng Lee Curriculum Vitae Interests and hobbies 

Interim Master of Cheng Yu Tung College

Ph.D. in Economics, University of Texas, Austin. He is specialized in International Business, International Enterprices and culture, and Southeast Asia Studies. Taught in Asia University (Taiwan) in Department of INternational Business and was its chairman.


DianeMs. Diane Lu Curriculum Vitae Interests and hobbies 
Resident Fellow

B.A. in English Language and Literature, Soochow University; M.A. in Civic Education and Leadership, Taiwan Normal University; served in Taiwan University as the Associate Manager of Student Activity Division and as the Associate Manager of Career Center.


Dr Tang 1Dr. Kittel Tang Curriculum Vitae Interests and hobbies 

Resident Fellow

B.Sc (Hons), Hong Kong Polytechnic University; M.Phil, Hong Kong Polytechnic University; Ph.D., Hong Kong Polytechnic University; served as senior tutor in a Hall of Hong Kong Polytechnic University. 


Ms. Sandy Cheang 

Part Time Fellow

M.S.Sc. in Clinical Psychology, University of Macau. Years of experience provide counseling services for several local charity organizations and facilitate workshops, specialized in stress management, social relations, depression and anxiety adjustment.