Activities Organized in Cheng Yu Tung College in 2016/17 Second Semester

  1. Exchange program between CYTC and Taiwan Cheng Chi University, Taiwan

In May 2014 National Cheng Chi University and CYTC signed an agreement of exchange program. Since 2014/2015 each year the two parties exchanged 10 students for a visit of 6 nights/7days. From December 18 to 24, 2016, ten CYTC students led by administrative assistant Steven Chan visited Cheng Chi University. The theme of learning is the Culture of Common People. Students of both sides learned about in Taipei area an old village of military family quarters, the University’s old quarters built in the 1950s for teaching staff, plants in the mountain and our students studied beating Tai Drum, and attended a Master’s Class in Boya Residential College. From January 15 to 21, 2017, ten students and a teacher from Cheng Chi University visited CYTC. The theme of learning we prepared is colonial history and culture, and we arranged Professor Kaijian Tang’s lecture, “the History and Development of Catholicism through the Review of Seminario e Igreja de Sao Jose”, Professor Meifang Zhang’s lecture “Reading Different Cultures through Cultural Translation ”, and Master Chung’s film analysis on “Echoes of the Rainbow”. There are also visits to Macau historical sites and to museums, and a workshop baking Portuguese deserts was held.


  1. Outstanding Series: “The History and Development of Catholicism through the Review of Seminário e Igreja de São José in Macau”

Professor Tang Kai-jian gave this lecture on January 17, 2017. Professor Tang is teaching in History Department, UM, specializing in Macau history. Seminário e Igreja de São José means St Joseph’s Seminary and Church in Macau. It was the most important religious and educational institution in Macau in the 18th and 19th Cenury, cultivating many locals and non-locals who became famous priests, politicians, linguists, and compliers of Sinological dictionary. The priests trained in this church were sent to many missionaries in Asia and became influential. This lecture attract more than 100 audience.


  1. Outstanding Series: “Reading Different Cultures through Cultural Translation: On Translations of Site-names in Macau Historic Centre”

Professor Zhang Maifang gave this lecture on January 19, 2017. Professor Zhang teaches in English Department, UM, specializing in translation studies. She said that cultural translation should observe historical fact, and translation should retain some cultural features. In the Macau Historic Center district, the Chinese name and the Portuguese name for the same place might mean differently. For example, “Yapojin Square” (means Old Grannie’s Well Square) is “Largo do Lilau” in Portuguese which means “Mountain Fountain Square” or “Life Fountain Square”.  The Chinese name came from the fact that an old woman drew water from the well and it showed that this water resource is important for the residents. This lecture drew near 100 audience.


  1. Former Director of Hong Kong Observatory Lam Chiu Ying’s talk on “Great Love—the Weather as a Starting Point”

On February 27, 2017, Mr. Lam gave a public speech on environmentalism and weather. He served as the Director of the Hong Kong Observatory from 2003 to 2009, and initiated many new measures. As a person, he is known for his integrity and honesty. After retirement he has striven to promote environmentalism. In the lecture, he reminded us that materialism and consumerism have caused the deterioration of global weather and environment. He hopes that we will understand the relation between our own life style and the change of weather, and that we should no longer live extravagantly, but in a simple, happy way.


  1. A visually and audibly exuberant “Night of Poetry: Recital and Folk Song”

On March 22, four famous poets were invited to recite their own poems: Macau poets Ling Ku and Un Sio San and Hong Kong poets Wu Yin Ching and Wong Leung Wo. Six CYTC students recited these poets’ work, accompanied with marvellous music and touching visual images that were made by the students themselves; they are Zheng Botong, Zhao Youjia, Wei Yiwei, Li Shunyu, Miao Sanfeng and Hao Kuan Ngok. Daya Voice Champion 2016 Yin Shi sang “Four Rimes for Hometown” with the lyric written by poet Yu Kuangchung. Daya Popularity Prize winner Wu Xuming sang two folk songs of Bob Dylan. The activity attracted about 50 audience.


  1. A young farmer/scholar’s talk, “Resource Management: Soil, Air, Water, and the Future of Mankind”

On April 9, 2017, Mr. James Lam, in his 30s, with a Bachelor in Art History, the University of Edinburgh as well as an organic farmer, delivered a speech. He said that we must deal with the issues of earth resources, and should pay attention to three ideas: 1) a care for humanities, civilization, and culture, 2) a care for the earth planet, and 3) a fare sharing of resources. Mr. Lam and his friends rented a small spot of land in Yuen Long, Hong Kong, built a Life Museum, made organic fertilizer and planted organic vegetables. Their green products are so popular that are short of supply, and people often come to do sketches and photography in their fields.


  1. The Third Finance Forum: five specialists talked about “How Do Young People Develop Their Talent?”

On April 9 a forum was given by Leong Ka-Chai (OBE SBS JP), former Chairman of the Hong Kong Futures Exchange; Professor Lam Kin of Department of Finance and Decision Sciences, Hong Kong Baptist University; Professor Tang Yong Jun from Department of Finance, University of Hong Kong; organic farmer Mr. James Lam, and producer and host of University Knowledge Platform, Radio Television in Hong Kong, Gladys Chiu. Mr. Leong said “Be careful about the investment ratio. Do thorough research. Understand the market structure. Lastly, do not be greedy and do not be afraid.” Professor Lam said that one should follow one’s interest. One should learn use mathematics, but should not rely on it entirely and should understand the things behind it. Professor Tang said that professionalism depends not only on IQ, but also on cumulated experiences and perseverance.  Mr. Lam said that the healthy development of a city should consider earth, air and water in the planning. Ms. Chiu said that one should built up one’s own confidence, position oneself in the community and find the right role through working experience.


  1. A memorable College Life Completion Ceremony was held for the graduating residents

In April 2016 the first College Life Completion Ceremony was held. On April 23, 2017, it was held the second time for the first graduating cohort who lived in CYTC for four full years. The venue was the Dining Hall. 20 teachers attended the ceremony, including former staff, Dean Kelvin Zhen, Dr. Caixia Chu, Ms. Cola Wong. Vice Rector Chan and Master Chung presided over it. Teachers and graduating students put on the eye-catching purple college gown. The program included showing a video made by the graduating students themselves, speeches by Master Chung, two graduating students, Chen Jianyang and Li Yuetong, and resident representative Chan Zi Xuan.  Every graduating student received a Certificate of Completing College Life.


  1. Students of two Residential Colleges held a Talent Show to commemorate the days the lived together

The Campus had been planned to finish construction in the summer of 2013 originally, but it was not until summer 2014 ready for mass move-in. The 240 Mainland Chinese students admitted in September 2013 had no place to live but the only finished RC building S9 (now SPC) in the new campus. They are the first batch of students of CYTC and MCMC.  They lived together one year happily in S9. In summer 2014, they respectively moved into their permanent RC sites, W23 and W12. This year they are graduating, in order to commemorate their days living together, on April 28, 2017 they held a joint talent show by the lake near Student Center, performing singing, dance and rock and roll by Valley Belly Band (CYTC) and Mad Cherry Band (MCMC).


  1. Five Film classics were screened and discussed in CYTC’s Audio-Visual Classroom

The Working Group of Cinema (Master Chung, Professor Sou Kuan Vong, Dr. Wei Shi, Mr. Hugo Lok, Dr. Yuming Tang, Mr. Steven Chan, student Sicheng Wei, and student Kin Weng Cheok) had planned and screened the following five films in this semester, and the screening was followed by discussion led by a teacher: “Echoes of the Rainbow” (discussion led by Master Chung), “Babel” (Dr. Wei Shi), “Big Fish” (Dr. Yuming Tang), “Dead Poets Society” (Professor Sou Kuan Vong), “Amelie” (Dr. Wei Shi ).  For each show the number of the audience ranges from 20 to 40.

  1. Two High Table Dinners were held this semester

The first High Table Dinner was held on January 18. 2016. The honorable speaker was Dean Yufan Hao of the Faculty of Social Sciences, who spoke on “Trump and the Relation between China and USA”. Among the guests were one teacher and ten exchange students from National Cheng Chi University, Taiwan. The second High Table Dinner was held on April 23 and the honorable speaker was Vice Rector Haydn Chen. His speech was on “Congratulations to the UM Graduates in CYTC”. This Dinner was also a farewell party to the 86 graduating students at presence.