1. 2017 Spring Festival -MAI ZOU GAI

Date: 2017/02/07 and 02/09        Participants: 125

Competency: Interpersonal Relationship and Teamwork; Cultural Engagement; Leadership and Service

All the CYTC residents were welcome to join! Students from different countries or regions felt the Year of Rooster atmosphere through participating in the series of activities at College courtyard and Dining Hall. They had a chance to learn the culture of the Spring Festival and met some new friends.













































  1. Tin Whistle Workshop

Date: 2017/02/27, 03/01, 03/06, 03/08            Participants: 11

Competency: Cultural Engagement

College Fellow, Dr. Victoria Lei taught students how to play tin whistles. All the participants have learned some skills, culture, and historical background about tin whistle. They were able to complete several songs before the end of the workshop. Besides cultivating personal temperament and taste, the tin whistle workshop also enhanced students’ knowledge of some other western musical instruments. This workshop was organized by Art and Culture working group.


























  1. CYTC Mascot Design

Date: 2017/03/13-05/12      Participants: all residents

Competency: Interpersonal Relationship and Teamwork; Cultural Engagement

We had 5 students who participated in this design activity. Through CYTC students online voting, a Mascot for CYTC was elected. The works needed to represent the college culture, so it inspired designers’ imagination and creativity, including designing, drawing, and using some software skill(Adobe illustrator). A good background story was essential too! Let’s take a look at the winning works.


1st prize CYTC Mascot-雅仔

































































  1. 4th CYTC Student Journal

Date: 2017/03/13-05/15         Participants:  all residents

Competency: Interpersonal Relationship and Teamwork; Cultural Engagement

This activity was used for recording the events and shared moments of the students in this academic year. It also promoted our residential college (CYTC) and would impress other people such as important guests or famous celebrities in other places by providing a platform to present students’ college life.



  1. Visit of Chow Tai Fook Jewelry Culture Center

Date: 2017/03/22            Participants:15

Competency: Interpersonal Relationship and Teamwork; Cultural Engagement

CTF is one of the top jewelry brands in the world and the owner of CTF was also the donor of the College, Mr. Cheng Yu Tung. CYTC Participants understood Chow Tai Fook Jewelry Culture Center’s operation, the design and manufacturing of jewelry. Participants were also impressed by how Chinese traditional culture was integrated in its jewelry design.



























  1. Shuttlecock Playing

Date: 2017/03/27-03/31             Participants:  74

Competency: Healthy Living; Interpersonal Relationship and Teamwork; Cultural Engagement

Shuttlecock is a kind of traditional Chinese sports. Playing shuttlecock is a vigorous aerobic exercise, hence it’s good for our health. It also helps to build hand-eye coordination. During the week, the leader of Health and Sports group Alvin taught the basic skills to those who had not known how to play shuttlecock.


























  1. The Amazing Brainstorming

Date: 2017/04/26         Participants: 20

Competency: Cultural Engagement; Interpersonal Relationship and Teamwork

Music is the soul of life. This competition was about to memorize the lyrics and it was the second year that CYTC HA held this contest. 4 people formed a group and they needed to cooperate together to win. It was an enjoyable and exciting evening.


























  1. Ad Lib – Constantine ‘s Recent Exhibition

Date: 2017/05/3             Participants: 28

Competency: Cultural Engagement

Ad Lib-Constantine’s recent exhibition “was held at the Macao Museum of Art of the Cultural Department to showcase the new works of Constantine’s 34 pieces, including paintings, sculptures, installations and video works. Social Activity working group organized this tour. A professional guide was there to lead the guidance for students so they had a better understanding of the history of the works.