Activities Organized in Cheng Yu Tung College in 2016/17 First Semester

1. Summer Exchange Program with Peking University

CYTC and Yuan Pei College, Peking University, signed an agreement of exchange program in November 2015, stating each party will select 10 students for exchange of  7 nights/8 days. The criterion for selection is talent in art. Students will live on campus, learn about the host-university, audit classes, and study local culture. On May 20 to 27, 2016, 10 CYTC students visited Peking University. Their partner students of Yuan Pei College took them to cultural spots in Beijing, and attended campus concerts and Chinese traditional talk show club, etc. From August 30 to September 6, 2016, teacher Ding Xiyou and nine students from Yuan Pei College visited UM. CYTC arranged a lecture on Macau’s casino history and industry, visits to local casino environment, a film screening followed by an in-depth discussion, and  attending our High Table Dinner. Students from both colleges performed a talent show, with an audience of 250, including UM Council Chairman Dr. Peter Lam, and Rector Wei Zhao.


2. Master Chung held a workshop on “How to Write Fiction: Some Basic Techniques”

Every year CYTC invites a famous novelist as Writer-in-Residence. In order to cultivate our students’ basic fictional writing technique, Master Chung Ling gave a fiction writing workshop on September 20. There are 10 students participated. Master Chung’ fictional publication includes Miniature Short Stories of Chung Ling (Hong Kong: Huizhi), Predestined Lovers (Taipei: Hong Fan), Eye of Heaven and Red Dust (Beijing: Renmin Wenxue Publisher), etc.


3. Nine students attended “A Fair Society of Arts and Sciences” in Chinese University of Hong Kong

On October 10 and 11, 2016, Master Chung took nine students to attend an educational exchange program in Hong Kong. “A Fair Society of Arts and Sciences” had been a symposium held yearly jointly by Professor Ping-chen Hsiung, Director of Taiwan Research Center, Chinese University of Hong Kong, and the College of Public Health of National Taiwan University. Participants include twelve scholars from Chinese University, Taiwan University, and Macau University, 10 students from Taiwan University and 9 students from Macau University. Contents of the program include a visit to Hong Kong Museum of History, and a symposium on Public Health and Humanities. Four research papers were presented, including Professor Chung Ling’ “Hong Kong People’s Passion in Pervading Commercialism: on Two Films”. In the afternoon, students presented reports. Five UM students presented “Cultural Communication between China and the West—the Important Role of Macau in the 16th Century” while four presented “Healthy Living: Psychological Development and Depression”.


4. Salon talk of Ms. Tong Yan-zhen “How I Promoted Education, Culture and Women’s Position as an Alderman”

Ms. Tong Yan-zhen has been an alderman of Kaohsiung City Council, Taiwan, for four terms. She received a Master degree from Kaohsiung Normal University, and has established several kindergartens. During her terms as alderman, she successfully promoted education, and she is known for her integrity and loved by people. On October 12 a salon talk was held at Master Chung’s quarter, in which Ms. Tong talked about how she maintained uncorrupt during the elections. Her daughter, Huang Ting, a lyric writer, also attended the salon.


5. Famous Taiwan novelist Kan Yao-ming serves as Writer-in-Residence, giving workshops and public talk

Mr. Kan Yao-ming served as our Writer-in-Residence from October 26 to 31. He received master degree in Graduate institute of Creative Writing and English Literature of Dong Hwa University, Taiwan.  He received Chinatimes Literature Award, and Book of Year of Taipei International Book Exhibition. His novel The Girl and the Woodcutter won the Jury Award in the 6th Dream of the Red Chamber Award, Hong Kong. He gave a public lecture on “The Road Not Taken–What I have learned from writing”, and attracted 80 audience. He held three fiction writing workshops, and instructed 11 CYTC student writers.


6. Daya Good Voice Singing Contest selected the champion and the good voices

The preliminary round of the contest was held on Nov. 17; the jury consists of Master Chung, Associate Master Lee, Ms. Lu, Dr. Tang and Antonio. They selected 11 singers from 25 candidates. The jury of the final consists of Miss Grace Chau of Student Affairs Office, Mr. Simon Lok, Functional Head of CYTC Office, student Yang Zi-han, Daya Champion 2016, and student Zheng Hong-ze, leader of UM Chorus. Among the 11 finalists, they selected the Champion, Yin Shi, two Good Voices, Li Zi-xuan and Yip Tin Yu, two New Voices, Liu Shi-wen and David John Paul Pua, and Popularity Prize winner Wu Xu-ming.


7. Professor Xu Jie’s talk on “A Different Kind of Presidential Election—American Election and the Social Issues it Reflects”

Professor Xu Jie is a renowned scholar in linguistics who won the title of Yangtze River Scholar and is a Senior Fellow of CYTC. On November 23, he was invited by the CYTC Library Committee which is organized and run totally by our students, to give a talk in the Deer Bleat Reading Club. He talked about the coming soon Election on December 19, 2016, on the features of American democracy and how it reflects their social problems.


8. Film Classics were screened and discussed in CYTC’s Audio-Visual Classroom after the completion of Construction

After the year-long construction of the Audio-Visual Classroom is finished, CYTC organized a Working Group of Cinema which consists of Master Chung, Professor Vong Sou Kuan, Dr. Shi Wei, Mr. Hugo Lok, Dr. Yuming Tang, Mr. Steven Chan, student Wei Sicheng, and student Cheok Kin Weng. After every screening always there is a discussion led by a teacher to analyze the film. Fiver films were screened in the semester: “Seven Pounds” (discussion led by Master Chung) ,”August Rush” (Master Chung, Dr. Wang Pingcheng and Dr. Victoria Lee), “Raining in the Mountain” (Master Chung), “Kaili Blues” (Dr. Shi Wei and student Wei Sicheng), and “What Dreams May Come” (Professor Jin Shuren).  For each screening, the number of audience ranges from 20 to 50.


9. Two High Table Dinners were held this semester

The first High Table Dinner was held on September 5, in which the Honorable Speaker was Vice Rector Haydn Chen speaking on “Pursuit of Excellence—Team Work.” This Dinner was held to welcome year one new students, exchange students, and the three teachers and nine students from Yuan Pei College, Peking University. The second High Table Dinner was held on November 6 and the Honorable Speaker was Dean Jacky So of the Faculty of Business Administration. He spoke on “Mr. Cheng Yu Tung: Reflection on Leadership and Business from the Angle of UM Four-in-One Education “.