College Activities

1.High Table Dinner of CYTC in 2015/16 (JAN. 2016)

Date: 2016/1/25

Competency: Interpersonal Relationship and Teamwork

The first high table dinner of CYTC in the 2st Semester of 2015/16 was successfully held and CYTC invited Prof. Kevin Zhen as the guest speaker who is the Vice President of Beijing Institute of Technology, Zhuhai, Dean of Bryant College, as well as the former Associate Master of CYTC. Prof. Zhen shared an interesting talk and students all enjoyed the moments together with their former Associate Master.



2.Artist-in-Residence: Lau Chak Kwong

Date: 2016/1/25

Competency: Cultural Engagement, Interpersonal Relationship and Teamwork

Cheng Yu Tung College invites Dr. Daniel Lau to be the first Artist-in-Residence from Feb. 16 to 20, 2016. Dr. Lau is a renowned Chinese calligrapher and seal engraver with  Ph.D. in art history from University of California, Santa Barbara, and he is currently Associate Professor in Visual Arts Academy of Hong Kong Baptist University. During his stay as our Artist-in-Residence, many activities were held, including an exhibition of his works of calligraphy and seal engraving, a calligraphy performance, artist talk, lecture, and workshops. Dr. Lau placed six square pieces of canvas on the ground of CYTC’s central courtyard, and wrote six big ink characters with a large brush.


3.High Table Dinner of CYTC in 2015/16 (MAR. 2016)


The second high table dinner of CYTC in the 2st Semester of 2015/16 was successfully held and Prof. Ni Ming-Shuan (Lionel) , the Vice Rector (Academic Affairs) of UM was invited as guest speaker. Prof. Ni Ming-Shuan shared an interesting talk about university and their career.


4. “What is the reality in history?” by renowned scholar Prof. Hsiung Ping-chen and Prof. Poo Mu-chou

Date: 2016/14/3

Competency: Cultural Engagement, Interpersonal Relationship and Teamwork

Prof. Hsiung Ping-chen and Prof. Mu-chou Poo was invired to give a salon talk of “What Is the Reality of History?” on March 14th, 2016. Prof. Hsiung Ping-chen, chair professor of History, is also the Director of Research Institute for Humanities of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Prof. Mu-chou Poo is an Egyptologist and scholar in Comparative Study of Antiquity. Currently, Poo teaches at the Chinese University of Hong Kong as a chair Professor of History. CYTC also invited Prof. Liu Chuan Sheng, College Master of CKPC and Prof. David Pong, College Master of CKYC as honored guests. After the talk, students were surprised to discuss with the historians and scholars and thus broadened their knowledge about history.


5. Labor Education Program (2nd Semester of 2015/2016)

Date: 2016/4

In order to enhance the students’ self-discipline, sense of responsibility, maintaining a good hygiene, the Student Labor Program was carried on for all the residents of CYTC.  The Resident Tutors (RT) and Resident Assistants (RA) have been trained and they are responsible on teaching the CYTC students on the techniques and tips of cleaning rooms and rest-rooms. Students with distinguished cleaning results had been be awarded coupons, while those who continuously have a result below standard had been assigned additional duties on cleaning, so as to improve their senses and skills on keeping good hygiene.


6.High Table Dinner of CYTC in 2015/16 (Apr. 2016)

Date: 2016/4/14

The third high table dinner of CYTC in the 2st Semester of 2015/16 was successfully held and CYTC invited Prof. Da Hsuan Feng, Director of Global Affairs and Special Advisor to Rector of UM
,as the guest speaker. Prof. Da Hsuan Feng shared an interesting talk. Students all enjoyed the talk and precious moment dining together!


7. The Commencement Ceremony for Residential Life of 2015/2016

Date: 2016/4/14

Students who graduated or went to exchange for the entire 4th year were considered completing residential life in CYTC. CYTC thus organized a ceremony for celebrating and confirming their completion of college life. Certificate had been issued to those students to enhance their acceptance to the college and confirm their completion of RC life. Students and teachers wore the CYTC purple gown and hat in the ceremony as a formal attire in the event. Students also performed the CYTC anthem together in the ceremony.


8. Talk: Conceptualization of Time and Humanities In Europe by Prof. Joachim Küpper

Date: 2016/4/21

Prof. Joachim Küpper is a literary scholar specializing in Romance literatures and comparative literary studies from Freie Universitaet Berlin. Cheng Yu Tung College (CYTC) was honored to invite Prof. Küpper to give a salon talk on “the Humanities and the Conceptualization of Time” on 21, April, 2006. Besides the talk, students also had chance to dine with Prof. Joachim and other scholars. All guests shared an enjoyable moments through a wonderful discussion about different perspectives of arts, culture and philosophy between the West and the East.

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9. Student Exchange Program – Yuanpei College of Peking University 2016

Date: 2016/05/24

In the 2nd semester of academic year 2015/16, CYTC sent 10 students to Yuanpei College to experience their College life for 8 days. Students learnt a lot about the culture of Beijing and they also have chance to perform their talent their and made many new friends during the exchange program.


10. The Malacca Portuguese Settlement Service Learning

Date: 2016/06/02

Cheng Yu Tung College (CYTC) held the successful service learning program about voluntary teaching for the needy children (from 5 – 15 years old) in the Livio Learning Center (LLC) in Melaka from June 3rd to 5th. There were two goals we aimed to achieve in these 3-days service learning trip: 1. To raise the children’s interest of learning Mathematic. 2. To introduce Macau culture to the children from Melaka and make our students exploring the culture of Melaka at the same time. During the service learning trip, students had chances to design teaching games (e.g. CYTC Monopoly) and interact with the children there. Student all enjoyed the moments teaching and playing with the children!