1.When CYTC meets Freshmen

Date: 2015/9/5 and 2015/9/6   Participants: 118

Goal: Noble Aspiration, Cultural Refinement

The House Association organized a welcome party for the freshmen! Students enjoyed fabulous moments in the Hac Sa Beach on 5th Sept including outdoor games, singing, barbecue and camping at night. They also enjoyed the sunrise together in early morning on 6th Sept. Through this camping night, freshmen can get to know each other and build up their friendship.



Date: 2015/10/28-29  Participants: 160

Competency: Cultural Refinement, Healthy Living, Cultural Engagement, Interpersonal Relationship and Teamwork

HA held a series of Halloween activities for all students in CYTC! The series of activities included decorating CYCY with Halloween theme, horror movies workshop, costume party, zombie run and horror stairway. While students were enjoying the thrilling atmosphere around the college, they got to know more new friends and know more about the culture of Holloween.



3.Photoshop Workshop

Date: 2015/11/2 – 2015/11/16   Participants: 19

Goal: Noble Aspiration, Citizenship with Global Perspectives

Three lessons of Photoshop workshop were held in November to cultivate students’ interest of photo editing. Senior instructor from department of Communication, Mr. Hugo Chu Kwan Lok was invited to teach students basic skills of photo editing. Through this workshop, students can acquire personal knowledge of using the software which encouraged students’ diversified development and enhanced their personal competitiveness in the society.


4.TDM visit

Date: 2015/11/4    Participants: 19

Goal: Noble Aspiration, Citizenship with Global Perspectives

Students organized a field trip to the headquarter of TDM (Television of Macau). Through this trip, students were able to know more about the daily operation of a television company.  They can also know more about the communication industry in Macau through their observation and their interaction with the staff there.



5.CYTC Wind Jacket Design Collection

Date 2015/11/5 – 25    Participants: 18

Competency: Cultural Refinement; Citizenship with Global Perspectives

“CYTC Wind Jacket Design Collection” was held in November to create a unique Jacket for CYTC! The participating students were required to design a Jacket for CYTC with their creativity. Their designs were then voted on the internet to select the best design which will be manufactured for CYTC students. Students of the top three voted designs had also received a present to encourage their effort. This competition provided a platform for students to display their abilities in fashion design and also created a sense of belongingness as a member of CYTC through the unique CYTC Jacket!



6.All about dreams—Magic workshop

Date: 2015/11/10, 17   Participants: 37

Competency: Noble Aspiration, Cultural Refinement, Cultural Engagement, Interpersonal Relationship and Teamwork

Mr. Matt Chan, college student of CYTC and also the chairman of the University of Macao Magic Club was invited to give a workshop about Magic. This workshop introduced to students the culture and knowledge related to magic. Through some practices guided by Matt Chan, students learnt how to perform some basic magic tricks which they can apply to their social life!


7.The recycling of cloth

Date: Nov 26- Dec4   Participants: 50

Goal: Noble Aspiration, Love of Humanity, Cultural Refinement

Containers were setup to collect second-handed clothes for college members in Dining Hall. This activity provided opportunity for students to take care of those who are in need. It also provided a good chance for students to reflect on themselves whether there exists waste in their daily life and protect environment.




8.Macau International airport visit

Date: 2015/11/29   Participants: 24

Goal: Noble Aspiration; Citizenship with Global Perspectives

Students organized a visit to the Macau international Airport in the afternoon. Besides visiting the facilities (including some internal area) of the airport, students had also listened to a presentation from the staffs there about the daily works of different departments in the airport. They also had chances to interview the manager there to know more about the working experiences in the airport. Through this field trip, students had also learnt more about the development of Macau airline business.


9.PIER 16 MACAU 3D WORLD Highlights Tour

Date: 2015/12/2    Participants: 21

Competency: Noble Aspiration; Cultural Refinement; Cultural Engagement; Citizenship with Global Perspectives

Students visited the PIER 16 MACAU 3D WORLD, which was the world’s first stadium with a 4D art painting with lighting effects, analog sound, and props to show 4D effects so that visitors can not only shoot with 3D paintings, but also have wonderful sensory experience.29303132

10.Final is Easy!

Date: 2015/12/11     Participants: 40

Goal: Love of Humanity, Interpersonal Relationship and Teamwork

During final exam period, HA had invited our master, associated master, fellows and our students to cooked their best dishes for our students and help them to relax in this period of time. Students were also able to express their wishes with the white board at dining hall. Candies with a paper of best wishes were also prepared as gift to motivate students.