Activities Organized in Cheng Yu Tung College in 2014/15 Second Semester

1. Abandoned Animals Protect Association of Macau (AAPAM) visit

Date: 17/01/2015                   Participants: 12

Competency: Cultural Engagement; Leadership and Service

To arouse the attention of abandoned animals in Macau, CYTC members visited Abandoned Animals Protect Association of Macau (AAPAM). Through the discussion with the staff in AAPAM and interaction with abandoned animals, the participants learned how to treat abandoned animals better via their living habits. For instance, don’t send pets as gifts; don’t buy pets from pets shop but adopt pets from animal shelters.



2. Knitting Workshops

Date: 28 Jan, 4 Feb and 11 Feb, 2015        Participants: 28

Competency: Cultural Engagement

This workshop was conducted by Art and Culture working group. One professional knitting lecturer was invited to come to CYTC to teach students. Students were interested in the culture and history of knitting. They were passionate to learn more about fantastic art. Students performed actively in classes by asking the teacher some questions and trying to learn more advanced skills of knitting.




3. Orienteering in Coloane

Date: 31 Jan, 2015                    Participants: 46

Competency: Service and Leadership; Interpersonal Relationship and Teamwork; Cultural Engagement

CYTC residents attended this activity with the exchange students from Taiwan and some oversea students. They had the chance to meet more friends and led them to know more about Macau and build up friendship. All participants were divided into 6 groups and they had to complete 5 to 6 tasks during the orienteering such as photo takings, filming the video, getting some stamps from the temples, etc. After the exciting orienteering, a warm and lovely BBQ party was held afterwards.





4. When CYTC meets Spring Festival

Date: 3, 5, 9, 11/02/2015,   5/03/2015        Participants: 105

Competency: Cultural Engagement

A series of activities for celebrating spring festival were organized by HA, hence creating a warm and happy spring festival atmosphere in CYTC.

  1. Fun Night with DIY (20:30—22:00, Feb. 3rd )

Students worked out with some traditional DIY products including traditional Chinese calligraphy, a pair of couplets, paper-cutting with specific vivid patterns, Chinese knots…etc.


  1. Jigsaw Evening (20:30—22:00, Feb. 5th)

Students had fun in doing the puzzle.

  1. New Year Fortune Workshop(20:30—22:00, Feb. 9th )

An expert, Mr. Yau, in geomancy and fortune telling was invited to our college and shared some basic knowledge about cold reading.

  1. Preliminary Eve Gathering (20:30—22:00, Feb. 11th)

HA and Associate Master, Dr. Kevin Zhen cooked different dishes and prepared snacks.

  1. Lantern Carnival (20:30—22:30, Mar. 5th)

A party with fantastic shows including singing, dancing and magic shows were provided.

spring festival


5. Sharing love to elderly

Date: 7/02/2015      Participants:

Competency: Leadership and Service

CYTC students went to visit some solitary elderly on 7th February and hold some interesting activities, such as making Chinese paper-cut, Chinese Knot and Chinese palace lantern which made them feel our love and produced the atmosphere of Lunar New Year.

love to elderly

love to elderly2


6.“The Beauty of Hometown“ photography competition

Date: 7 Feb to 30 April, 2015                     Participants: 22

Competency: Cultural Engagement

It was an event to collect students’ photos from traveling, life, hometown and even their Chinese New Year. After voting, we successfully selected several great photos. Students got some knowledge of photography and improved their aesthetic ability and in the end, we made the photos into postcards.

beauty of hometown

beauty of hometown2

beauty of hometown3

beauty of hometown4

beauty of hometown6

beauty of hometown5


7.CYTC Student Newsletter

Date:   7 Feb to 1 May, 2015                      Participants: 20

Competency: Cultural Engagement

Students lived as a big family in CYTC for one academic year and experienced a colourful RC life. Publicity and public relationship working group edited the 2nd Student Newsletter “雅 Young”. It covered students’ life, exchange life, students’ talent interviews, CYTC activities, students’ fictions, RT’s reflection and so on.  It is definitely a must-see newsletter to get to know more about CYTC.


8.  ICC basketball competition and Cheering dance competition

Date:   9 Mar 2015                      Participants: ~ 50

Competency: Healthy Living

CYTC basketball team and cheering team participated in the ICC competition. All team members paid every effort on the competition. CYTC cheering team won the first-runner up prize for the competition.

icc basketball

icc basketball2


. Chinese Traditional Painting Workshop

Date: March 12th, March 19th, April 2nd   and April 9th, 2015           Participants: 18

Competency: Cultural Engagement

The art and culture working group of House Association of CYTC invited non-residential fellow, Dr. Zhang Zexun, associate professor of Education Faculty, to hold a 4-time Chinese painting workshop. Dr. Zhang had profound knowledge in the area of art and she provided professional instructions.

The workshops started from 19th March. It continued on every Thursday evening, from 19:30 to 21:00. Dr. Zhang began with the background knowledge of Chinese painting by introducing the philosophical thoughts between flower, birds and human-beings. Then she taught the practical skills, teaching students from simple sketching to color rendering. 18 students were well trained by Dr. Zhang and they completed excellent paintings in the end.

traditional painting

traditional painting2

traditional painting3

traditional painting4

traditional painting5

traditional painting6


10. Roaming in Macau

Date:  28 March, 2015                    Participants: 23

Competency: Cultural Engagement

This cultural event was organized by Macau government and they provided one professional guide to give a tour of the historical sites in Macau in a lovely weekend afternoon. Students got a better understanding of “the Historic Center of Macao” through this activity. Meanwhile, they also realized the significance of cultural heritage and wanted to protect them.





11.When CYTC meets Easter Day – CYTC Talent Show

Date: 30/03/2015                                  Participants: 210

Competency: Cultural engagement

Students in our college with talents were invited to give a performance in this art show at SAC Theatre on Mar. 30th.  There were 10 performances including magic performance, poetry reading, band performance, dance performance, etc. Some participants reflected that the performances were professional. All CYTC family had a really great and warm night.


12. Sharing Session evaluation of volunteer team

Date: 25/04/2015      Participants: 30

Competency: Leadership and Service

A sharing session of CYTC volunteer team was held to evaluate our volunteer work including food bank service and caring abandoned animals this year hence making our volunteer work more diversified and reviewing what our student learned in those volunteering work.


13.Floriculture Center Visit

Date: 29 April, 2015       Participants: 10

Competency: Cultural Engagement

Students had the chance to visit the Manqian flower-arranging school in Zhuhai during the final break. They had a good time with the teachers and students in Manqian flower-arranging school and learned the basic knowledge about the east and west flower-arranging theories and practices as well as made the flower-arranging by themselves.




14.     Sports Day-Badminton Tournament and Fun Games

Date: 05/18/2014   Participants: 100

Competency: Healthy living and Interpersonal relation and teamwork

The inter-college committee held a badminton tournament to promote sports and to facilitate friendship among students in different colleges. Our college actively participated in the activity and won the third prize.