Activities Organized in Cheng Yu Tung College in 2014/1First Semester


Floor Activities

1. Creative Door Plaque DIY

Date: 03/09/2014                          Participants: 20

Competency: Interpersonal Relationship and Teamwork

Floor members didn’t know one another that well in the new semester. During the 2-hour activity, a couple of roommates worked together to create their door plaques which made them get familiar with each other and have a stronger sense of belonging of CYTC. In addition, an outstanding floor representative was selected after the event. This was a female floor event held by our RT Mia and RA Carla.

door plaque 1

Door Plaque2


2. Wine Culture Tour

Date: 06/09/2014                          Participants: 18

Competency: Cultural Engagement; Interpersonal Relation and Teamwork; Healthy Living

Many countries have their own unique wine cultures. Macau is a big platform to approach the world stage, and it is a place that Chinese and western culture blend. Students had the chance to visit the Wine Museum in Macua and through the further explanation and wine-tasting event led by Associate Master Dr. Zhen, all the participants understood more about the culture and etiquette of the wine.


3. Appreciate France

Date: 07/09/2014                          Participants: 25

Competency: Cultural engagement; Interpersonal Relation and Teamwork

China and France are countries full of cultural contents. An exhibition about China and France culture was held at Macau Museum of Art (MMA). Our RTs and RAs Jenny, Alex, Seven and Lina held a workshop about France, French artists, diplomatic relationship between China and France. Then they led students to Macau Museum of Art. Through the workshop and the visit of the exhibition, students knew better about Sino-French relations. This was a joint activity organized by RT Philip and Rebecca.

Appreciate France1


4.           Moon Cake-Making Workshop

Date: 07/09/2014                            Participants: 34

Competency: Cultural Engagement and Interpersonal Relationship and Teamwork

Different floor members got together to make the moon cakes by themselves to celebrate the Mid-Autumn festival and get to know one another. They were also encouraged to make phone calls or send messages to their family, especially those students who were not able to reunite with their family in Mid-Autumn Festival. This was a joint activity organized by RT Alex, Trista and RA, Jenny.

Moon Cake-Making1


5. Dessert Making Workshop

Date: 10/09/2014                                Participants: 15

Students knew how to make Snowy moon and Serradura (木糠布丁). The members knew each other well through this activity and got a better understanding of Chinese and Portuguese/Macau culture. This event was organized by RT Ivy.

Dessert Making1

Dessert Making2

Dessert Making3


6.From Dorm to Home-Decorate Your Room and Corridor

Date: 10th and 17th September, 2014      Participants: 46

Competency: Interpersonal relationship and teamwork; Cultural Engagement

Students felt tired but very happy to decorate their dorms and corridors. They felt the dorms were more like home now. They pointed out that through this activity, the environment and their friendship with other floor members had improved. They learned much in the process of negotiating and communicating with others.  This activity was organized by our RTs Trista and Stephy.

Decorate Your Room and Corridor1

Decorate Your Room and Corridor2

Decorate Your Room and Corridor3


7. Healthy Bakery Workshop

Date: 11/09/2014             Participants: 15

Competency: Interpersonal Relationship and Teamwork and healthy

Our RA, Amulet is a great baker and she taught her and RA, Kay’s floor members to make healthy biscuits. Students made the biscuit themselves with a recipe of low fat and low sugar. By making handmade biscuits, students understood how to chosse better and heathier  ingredients.

Bakery Workshop1


8.Decorate Your New Home

Date: 15/09/2014          Participants: 12

Competency: Interpersonal Relationship and Teamwork

It was a new environment for everyone. The floor members built a good relationship through decorating their cord boards in the room. They shared their works and ideas with each other. This was a female floor event held by our RA Daisy.


9. CYTC Running Man

Date:  21/09/2014                    Participants: 33

Competency:  Healthy Living; Cultural Engagement ; Teamwork and Interpersonal relation;Leadership and Service; Global Citizenship

CYTC running man is the first floor activity which fulfills all the competencies. Our RT and RA Smoker, Stephy, Kay and Gastby led 4 different teams to complete tasks at different check points. For example, all the team members may be required to take photo with foreigners or do a particular posture at Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro. The first team which completed all tasks was the champion of this game.  Each team included both local students and non-local students, both boys and girls. This activity provided a good platform for CYTC students getting more familiar with each other and knew more traditional culture of Macau.

Running Man1

Running Man2


10.Let’s Bake Butter Cookies!

Date:  24/09/2014                    Participants: 8

Competency: Interpersonal Relationship and Teamwork

Some of Lina’s floor members got together to bake the butter cookies. Through this activity, they knew more about one another and successfully made the delicious pastry.


11.Enjoy Korean Culture and Movie

Date: 30/09/2014                              Participants: 20

Competency: Interpersonal relationship and teamwork; Global Citizenship; Cultural Engagement

Students had the opportunity to know better about Hallyu (the Korean Wave), the renowned Korean film Jibeuro and handmade Korean dish Gimbap. The movie Jibeuro talked about the deep love between the boy and his grandmother, and the facilitators let the students reflect on their relationship with their family. This activity was conducted by RTs Vera, Ivy and RA Jenny.

Korean Culture and Movie1


12.CYTC Basketball Floor Friendly Match

Date: 5/10/2014   Participants: 30

Competency: Interpersonal relationship and teamwork and Healthy living

3 groups of team were composed by the members of men’s floor group. Each group had around 8 students and competed with each other. The players of the game reflected that it was a good game in terms of competition atmosphere and team spirit building. This activity was conducted by RA Antony and Kenny.

Basketball Floor Friendly1


13.Make-up Workshop

Date: 21/10/2014   Participants: 18

Competency: Interpersonal relationship and teamwork

Professional make-up is an important interpersonal skill for girls. RT Yao Di and Guo Yan jointly organized a professional make-up workshop for students. Experienced professional was invited to deliver the practical skills for make-up in different occasions.

Make-up Workshop1

Make-up Workshop2


14. Ukulele Workshop for Beginners

Date: 1/11-30/11/2014                       Participants: 23

Competency: Cultural Engagement and Teamwork and Interpersonal

Four lessons for the ukulele beginners were held by RTs Mia, Trista, Seven and Vera. During the classes, students learned the fundamental skills of playing ukulele. Each participant can play simple songs after the classes and they can also sing during playing ukulele.

Ukulele Workshop1


15.CYTC Cantonese Class

Date: 16/10/2014-20/11/2014, every Thursday                     Participants: 13

Competency: Interpersonal relationship and teamwork; Global Citizenship; Cultural Engagement

The activity mainly addressed to improve Cantonese for mainland students who could not understand Cantonese. Our RT Ted invited some local students as the peer teachers to teach Cantonese and share Cantonese cultures for mainland students. Therefore, this activity successfully made both local students and mainland students enhance the relationship and know each other better.


16. Light Painting Workshop

Date: 11/11/2014                          Participants: 13

Competency: Healthy Living; Interpersonal relationship and Teamwork

It was a fantastic activity about teaching students how to use a technique of “light painting”. First of all, students used tools which can emit light to write their name. After that, they learned some basic rules of light. Students learned how to cooperate with others and make decisions. This activity was conducted by our RA Gastby.

Light Painting


17. Dessert – making Workshop

Date: 11/11/2014                         Participants: 14

Competency: Healthy Living and Teamwork and Interpersonal relation and Cultural Engagement

RT Yao Di acted as a tutor of making Serradura. Before making desserts, she gave her students a short introduction about the history of Serradura and how to do it correctly. Students made Serradura and some kinds of cakes. The students in three or four people as a group could do all kinds of cakes with their imagination


18. Ukulele Workshop II

Date: 05/11-30/11,2014 Participants: 23

Competency: Cultural Engagement ; Teamwork and Interpersonal Relationship

These were the advanced ukulele classes for the students who attended the ukulele workshop I. Students learned some advanced techniques during the classes such as fingering style, chord formation, solo technique, etc. Furthermore, students were invited to give a group performance in some music event and hence enhancing not only the confidence but the basic techniques of ukulele. This activity was initiated by RTs Mia, Trista, Seven and Vera.


19. Dress Yourself

Date: 23/11, 2014   Participants: 8

Competency: Cultural Engagement; Teamwork and Interpersonal Relationship

Students knew how to dress properly in different social occasions and thus knew more about workplace, wedding and other social engagement culture, etc. Moreover, the participants discussed how to dress properly and elegantly. They were excited to try on clothes in a new way and to comment on each other’s clothes. This event was organized by Vera, Mia and Ivy.

Dress Yourself1

Dress Yourself2


20. All-Pass Board                    

Date: 01/12-05/12, 2014   Participants: 40

Competency: Healthy Living; Teamwork and Interpersonal Relationship

Our RAs Antony and Kenny used the floor white boards to encourage floor members to stay focused and keep healthy during the final periods. Fresh fruit and tea bags were provided in the pantries. Students were also free to write some fighting memos to cheer up one another on the white boards.


21.Go Go Final

Date: 10/12-11/12,2014                                Participants: 20

Competency: Healthy Living; Teamwork and Interpersonal Relationship

Our RT Ivy organized this activity by giving students some fruit and chocolate with warm and encouraging cards during the final period. This activity showed the caring and love that College and RT delivered.


22.CYTC Mini Chorus

Date: 14/10-16/12/2014, 10 sessions on Tuesdays               Participants: 12

Competency: Cultural Engagement

12 Participants in the activity mastered the basic singing knowledge and skills from the professional chorus singer and we were happy to see students were more engaged in the art culture. Because the Mini Chorus was a long term learning process, 12 participants built up a closer relationship. Moreover, some members showed their performance in CYTC Christmas Party. This activity was organized by RT Mia and Philip

 Mini Chorus1

Mini Chorus2