HA activities


1. Mid-Autumn Festival Garden Party

Date:     4th Sep, 2014                                       Participants: 200

Goal: Cultural Refinement

CYTC courtyard had 10 sets of task booths(including game booths, moon cake making booth and others). Students were free to play and gained prizes if they won the games in each booth. It provided chances for students to gather in courtyard and know one another.

Mid-Autumn Festival 1

Mid-Autumn Festival2



2. When CYTC meets Halloween

Date:20:30 – 22:00,30-31 Oct,2014                       Participants: 120

Goal: Cultural Refinement

Students formed their own groups and completed some tasks. After achieving the mission, the group got the tickets for the ultimate challenge–Horrible Cockloft.

Each group entered the loft of our college and experienced the special atmosphere of Halloween Day. There was a mysterious story as the background of the Horrible Cockloft. Students needed to overcome their fear and went downstairs to find clues. If they can get out from the exit on ground floor with their final finding, they would be awarded with some group photos, candies and raffle tickets for the ending party. Through this activity, students not only learned the customs of Halloween, they also started to build a sense of belonging of the College.




3. Non-Resident Fellow’s Lecture: Reflection and Sharing of “Soul Mountain” (The Nobel Prize in Literature)

Date: 05/11/2014     Participants: 28

Goal: Cultural Refinement

House Association invited our non-resident senior fellow, Prof. Jin to give a lecture about psychological culture refinement. Prof. Jin introduced the book named Soul Mountain《靈山》and shared his reflection and experiences from this book. Then he taught students what “psychological shift” is and illustrated the relationship between writing and “psychological shift”.

Soul Mountain1

Soul Mountain2

4. Food Bank of Caritas

Date: November to December            Participants: 20

Goal: Love of Humanity

Food Bank of Caritas is an organization which provides short-term food supply for low-income families at Taipa and Coloane. This is the second year that CYTC students participated in this program. For the first year, students were mainly responsible for to packing and distributing food like rice and biscuits to the age people. Sometimes our students visited the disabled or the age that live alone. In this year, we had a more specific target- to help the residents (most of them are elderly) in Seac Pai Van (Coloane) to develop their own interests, to strengthen the bonding among those people who live together in Seac Pai Van. Our students organized some tutorial classes such as Tai Chi, dance, singing, etc.

Food Bank


5. The Recycling of Cloth

Date:10-14 Nov,2014                                      Participants:  All residents

Goal: Love of Humanity

This activity stimulated students’ reflection on social justice and social enthusiasm. Students learned about the poverty issues in Macau or in mainland China. There are many people in need of social support in this seemingly prosperous country. For instance, a street sleeper said that he really wanted to work but he cannot receive an invitation from certain company. It was only because he had no shoes for work. For doing this kind of volunteer works, students learned to care for others and understood the in-depth problems of their society.

Recycling of Cloth1

Recycling of Cloth2

Recycling of Cloth3


6. Scottish Dance Workshop- Vivacious Fairy

Date:     8, 12, 15 Nov                                      Participants:  22

Goal:   Cultural Refinement

Our non-resident fellow,Dr. LEI LAI CHENG, Victoria taught CYTC members the background knowledge of Scottish dance and led students to a fantastic land of dancing. She also introduced special culture and customs in Scotland. Students enjoyed the learning process with their friends, and they got along with the teachers well. The atmosphere was quite joyful.

Scottish Dance Workshop1

Scottish Dance Workshop2


7. Night Jogging

Date:     17 Nov                                       Participants:  30

Goal:   Cultural Refinement

To promote healthy living style, Sports and Health working group held a series of night jogging programs for CYTC students. Each student ran around the UM campus every Monday evening. By doing jogging, students explored their limitation and tried to fight against their own threshold. Through this activity, students can help each other and a seed of love of humanity is then implanted.

Night Jogging1

Night Jogging0


8. CYTC T-shirt Design Contest

Date:     8-23 Nov                                   Participants: 155

Goal:   Cultural Refinement

The Communication working group successfully held the CYTC T-shirt Design Contest in November. They recruited 14 different designs and over 150 students voted for their favorite. Each CYTC member now owns the t-shirt which is the most popular one selected from all.

T-shirt Design1.png


9. UIC (BNU-HKBU United International College)

Date:     30 Nov                                       Participants: 15

Goals:   Love of Humanity, Cultural Refinement

CYTC students visited BNU-HKBU United International College in Zhuhai. UICSU students introduced their campus to our students. Our students knew the difference between the education systems in Macau and Zhuhai. Students then visited their Learning Resource Centre and Shadow Play Museum, and learnt more about traditional Chinese culture from UIC.



10. Etiquette Workshop

Date: 3 Dec,2014                                    Participants:  13

Goal:   Cultural Refinement

Our Resident Fellow, Diane Lu held this etiquette workshop and taught students some practical skills when greeting people, shaking hands, exchanging name cards, serving the water, etc. Students also learned the manners of taking lifts, driving a car with guests and so on. Students learned by practicing and did quite well in the end.

Etiquette Workshop1

Etiquette Workshop2


11. Christmas Fun Party

Date:     2 Dec,2014                                          Participants:  90

Goals:   Cultural Refinement

A talent show based party was held in CYTC dining hall. Performances including magic, music and dance were presented in this party. House Association hosted some exciting team-building games for participants to have fun together. At the end of the activity, students exchanged their gifts which were prepared by themselves. We for sure had a warm and lovely Christmas party.